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What's a word in a language you know that is not directly translatable to English?
The word must be something non-political that is in everyday use or in common speech. For example, in my mother language there's the word *muak*, which describes the feeling you get after eating the same dish repeatedly, leading to you being sick of it and not wanting to eat that dish anymore. Tired (ie. tired of eating the same x dish/food) may be the closest word/phrase in the English language that captures the meaning, but not exactly.

It's weird how just changing your diet can change your thinking.
If I have a gram of fat I feel like I become a different person.

Do y’all like jerseys/sport uniforms?
I was active as a kid and played Baseball,bball, I ran cross country, and I always liked wearing jerseys. I started with baseball, then basketball, now I’m really into soccer jerseys because they’re so comfy and also sometimes you can wear a based country. I have a Team Russia, a Team Yugoslavia and a Belarus jersey and I can’t wait for more. Are any of y’all into jerseys, if so what team or country? (Any sports)

what are your favorite songs? (any genre)
I have quite a few songs I like to listen to during various activities, and I'm curious to see which you guys like. Here are some of my favorites: ... and about five hundred more soviet songs bonus songs:

okay guys, really important question
hugs or headpats you must choose one

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Can we talk about how adorable and precious fancy rats are please?
![]( They are so sweet and precious. They love to drive They are empathetic And they are some of the smartest and sweetest little cuties ever. ![]( It's so sad that they've being exploited as laboratory fodder including being used as a psychological analogue for humans sometimes and They are so special but sadly do not live very long which makes ownership emotionally draining as you make such deep connections with these little pocket puppies but they pass so soon and usually sooner because of cancers and other diseases caused by inbreeding to provide labs and the pet trade with "supply". ![]( If anyone wanted an emotional and deeply affectionate pet that isn't a huge commitment I'd 10/10 recommend a ratty but always get at least two. They are so social and clever that they thrive on having friends. The more the merrier with rattos. They also wag their tails and boggle their eyes when they are happy and content 🥺😭 As a final factoid, russia recognised rats/mice contribution to science and built a little monument/statue to them. Very based in a world that sees them as vile uncaring vermin and laboratory fodder. ![](

Would you rather have a tank or a Fighter craft? If so, what kind? Pictures would be nice.
T-72 hands down for me ![](

Today is 3 years alcohol free for me!
One of the best decisions I ever made.

My Levi jeans just ripped at the inner thigh
Thankfully I was at home, but I'm seething lol. They were my favourite pair of pants: high waisted, comfortable yet still framed my legs correctly, Getting dressed as a man is difficult, everything is made for just one particular body shape. I have thicc thighs lmao, most pants feel too restrictive on me and if the waist is low (like 99% of all pants today) they just sag. And thanks but I don't want to show my ass to everyone around. Also, while we're talking about this, crotch length is getting shorter and shorter it seems. Did anyone else notice this? But the thing is I've had these pants since 2021, so barely over a year. You buy super expensive pants and they don't last any longer than the cheaper ones. I'm wearing Semir jeans off aliexpress right now, which is apparently a huge brand in China but at a fifth of the price of Levi's, and they lasted me longer (though I definitely haven't worn them as much). Except they're low-waisted and a bit more constrictive than my amazing Levi's. The kicker is the Levi's are supposed to be 511s but are clearly not, so I have no idea how they made this pair and if I can ever find another like this. I don't even know if I can get it repaired.

We all heard CCP; but have you ever heard of the *C*CCP?
Not the СССР as in the Soviet Union, but instead the *Controlling* Chinese Communist Party! /j

I just failed miserably at trying to make a cake without sweeteners.
So. I guess I do need to add eggs after all… The failures all tasted like trash.

Feeling pretty good, want to share my good vibes with y'all for a moment
I registered for classes today (a research writing course where I've got to submit a paper to a journal by the end of the semester and a class on US foreign policy and its history, trying to convince my advisor I can do a third despite working "full time," I have an absurd amount of downtime in reality), paid the first installment of my tuition for the semester with money I earned from serving tables on the side, hooked up my desktop at my new apartment (even though a week without it did me good), moved some stuff to the proper place and cleaned a bit at the new place, applied to some GA positions (can't beat the tuition reimbursement, most are just dicking off on-call on campus for 10-20 hours/week, better than serving tables), and paid off a bunch of medical bills. I'm just so excited for school to start again, especially because I get access to free bus fare, free therapy, free basic doctor's visits, and a free gym membership. My partner and I walked to get lunch and it felt great outside and to be in the city I love again instead of the suburbs (now just to get a bike...). My paper shredder breaking didn't even touch this good mood shit. To top it off, we are going out of town for a few days next week to our other favorite place to celebrate all our achievements the last month and to get vacation mindset out of the way during the semester (my partner and I are both in school). Hope good things happen for the rest of you and that you feel good too!

So, do y’all do skincare or anything? Thinking about it after a really bad(and uneven) sunburn recently and figured I should take better care of my skin.
I’m white(according to Hakim, I am a POC because I’m half Irish, half-Russian lol jk), pasty white. So that means when I’m in the sun, which happens quite a lot since I do manual labor outside, I burn not only quickly but harshly too. A few weeks ago I decided to suntan and used sunspray instead of lotion, the spray was so inconsistent and concentrated only in the center of the spray, so I have large swaths and splotches of sunburn. Worse things have happened but it sucks. It looks like I had a red body that someone spray painted white in a few seconds lol. So that point aside, I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin, and I figured I’d ask y’all since I trust you to not just try selling me expensive skincare products and stuff lol. I currently just use some facial wipes to prevent acne (idk if it makes a difference, I’ve never had acne besides like a few rogue pimples) and Aloe Vera just because I heard it’s good for burns and because it sounds good for skin in general. I obviously shower but I think my soap is not really skincare, just regular soap

What kind of media ideas do you guys have for what you would like to see in a socialist future?
For example: I want to see a story about an old man from the red army going to the dark side of the moon to kick nazi ass (Because that's where they are hiding obvi). Just random shit like that, where socialist people, projects, themes, ideas, and histories are represented with pride and care. No hollywood anti-communist bullshit like Enemy at the Gates ([excellent critique of that movie here by a fellow communist]( and no stupid profit motive pushing artists past their ability or censoring their works unnecessarily to push deadlines.

Nerd culture doesnt deserve The Sandman
Nerds are the most joyless, antisocial, and bitter people. Dont be a nerd.

Picked up a pack today... (CW: smoking)
**CW: mentions of smoking and cigarettes, depression and self-loathing** Hey comrades. Life has been absolutely kicking me while I'm down. Went to visit my parents this past weekend and they offered me a cigarette. I haven't smoked in over a year. Told myself, just this once. Catharsis, sweet relief, you deserve it! You've been through hell! Kept smoking. Kept smoking. Kept smoking. Promised my partner and my sibling that it was just a *this weekend* thing, I've been put through the ringer and will stop as soon as we leave. Four and a half hour drive home. My hands hurt, my legs hurt, my back hurts, my head hurts, I can't focus, I'm nervous, I'm swerving occasionally because I'm tired and I can't keep my vision clear. The MonsterTM I drank earlier and the coffee I just downed aren't helping, they're making me more anxious if anything. Gotta stop, gotta pick up a pack of cigarettes. I'll only smoke one for now to help me be alert and ease the pain. It did. For about 30 minutes. Another. Another. Another. Another. Get home, get *even* more devastating news. Another. Another. I feel like such a fucking idiot. I feel like I've been duped by Big Tobacco again like when I was a teen, I feel like I've completely failed in maintaining any semblance of willpower I have. I feel like I've failed my loved ones. I feel like I want to take smoking up again because it helped me keep off weight and forced me to walk and go outside more, and I could socialize easier with other smokers. It also dehydrates the hell out of me and makes my fingers stink like shit. It's also disruptive as hell whenever the cravings kick in. It's also expensive and stains my teeth. It helps my gums clot whenever they start to act up and bleed because of my dental crowding. I'm sorry to anyone that thinks this is overdramatic and they're just cigarettes. I'm also sorry for the ridiculous length of this post, I just wonder if any comrades have any thoughts or similar experiences or... whatever, y'know. Thanks if you've read this far.

Any recommendations for clothing?
I’ve been considering making a sub based around recommendations for businesses to support (co-ops, directly buying from workers overseas, etc.), but haven’t got around to it yet. My question is - does anyone have a good website for clothing? I don’t buy much any longer, but I’d like to try to buy as close to the source as possible. Feels like most of what I see here in the US are just bought from the East and then they just jack the price up as much as possible. I’m rambling a bit, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

What are your favorite horror / scary movies?
Looking for some more good ones to watch. Preferably not "jump-scary", I like slow-burners better.

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