I know I need to get hangers… maybe? I’ve gotten rid of most of my things (misc computer components, clothes that no longer fit) but I’m 20 years old with the mental age of a 9 yr old. I had to borrow the broom from a roommate. I don’t feel like an adult.

  • @ChaosCoati
    22 months ago

    You’ve already gotten lots of excellent advice. The only thing I have to add is only get hangers if you’ll use them. I also have ADHD and for me it works best if laundry has the fewest steps possible. This means only hanging up my dressy clothes. For the rest I have open bins that I toss my clothes in.

    I used to try and make myself hang all my clothes up because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do as an adult. And my clean clothes would just sit in a laundry basket next to where they should be hung up.

    Here’s an adult secret (that took me until my 40s to learn): do what works for you. Especially in spaces that you don’t share with anyone else, if it works for you then you’re doing it right.