DuckDuckGo 'Removes' Pirate Sites and YouTube-DL from Its Search Results (Updated) * TorrentFreak
Search engine DuckDuckGo has completely removed all search results for popular pirate sites including The Pirate Bay, 1337x, and Fmovies.

Yet another slight from Duckduckgo, adding to the many they have done recently. I’m looking for a new search engine to be my daily driver. Any suggestions? Startpage? Brave?

SearX metasearch works well.

Do you have the link?


Andisearch (new AI driven search assistant)

MetaGer (German Meta search engine)

Mojeek (British search engine with own web crawler)

Peekier Shows web previews instead of only a list in the results)

Lilo (Lilo gives its revenue to social and eco-friendly projects)

All of them strong privacy focused search engines.

Peekier and Lilo seem to give good results - I think I quite like Lilo. Thanks!

You can find here a huge list of search engines, including the needed strings to use them in the browser in the search/adress bar.

Do they have their own crawler and indexers or do they rely on something else?

Depends, some of them, like Startpage (proprietary) or Whoogle (FOSS) use the Google engine (Whoogle without the ads), others are using Bing, some metasearch engines like Metager use several engines and a own one, Andi is a special case, it don’t show a lot of results, but the most relevant ones corresponding to your cuestion, or shows a direct answer. It’s a AI driven search assistant who understands the concept of your search (It’s still in beta, but in heavy developement and works very well, I use it in first instance when Isearch specific things. Anyway itself permits the search with several other engines. What I like most, also permits to view most pages in the result in Reader view, without the need to open them.

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Different search engines have different results, because of this is advisable to use several engines if you want a serios research sometimes. I use often different search engines to find the best source in some themes, including also specific ones from image, science, music, social networks.

I’m still getting results for the few of these I tried. People on other sites are also reporting that it’s working for them.

iirc this has happened before and it was just a mistake in how they implemented bing results. I hope that’s the case here again.

If you search, for example, it returns no results. But if you search just youtube-dl, it comes right up. Probably a bug and they never meant to deindex it.

So now we may need to empower projects like YaCy, for P2P search or something decentralized.

Sr Estegosaurio

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Ecosia, Searx are two i use a lot


Censoring search results defeats the purpose of having a search engine in the first place.
A SearX instance (self-hosted or public) is a good alternative to DuckDuckGo.

I’m trying to get away from any search engine that relies Bing or Google’s index. I’ve tried to like Mojeek but unfortunately the results are terrible. I really like Gigablast’s results and have probably been using it the most, but the UI is pretty bad. Petal and Yandex have not-great privacy policies but US sanctions on China and Russia make it unlikely they’ll be cooperating with US-based intelligence/corporations. I actually really like Petal’s results and UI.

Brave claims to have their own index, no?

As far as I can understand, the difficult part of a search engine is the web indexing part. Any of us can implement a decent web search on an existing index, but crawling the whole frigging internet and storing it somewhere is really expensive-

As I understand it, Brave bought Cliqz which had their own existing index, and this is what Brave uses as a starting point for its search engine.

The problem is that I’m a little suspicious about how they’re continuing to update their results, as they’ve been really opaque about this. I can’t find anyone online who’s said anything about encountering Brave’s crawler in their access logs, and in all of Brave Search’s documentation they never once claim to have a crawler, just an index. I’m not saying they’re stealing results from another search engine, but they could be buying updates to their index from another crawler? Honestly I’d just like them to be more transparent.


Article says DDG removed some bangs.

This is one of the reasons why we made it possible to add custom bangs in Just Bangs!

I still have no issues whatsoever in getting The Pirate Bay in my search results…

Just search for “pirate bay” and it instantly pops up.

Either ddg changed/fixed something or torrentfreak is spreading misinformation.

Is it still the case for some folks here ? I personnaly get both youtube-dl and tpb.

I don’t understand why youtube-dl is targeted so much in search results. YouTube keeps changing their scripts so that it has only worked about 1 week per month for the last 5 years. And that’s when they push an update within a month. Sometimes it’s as long as 90 days that the thing doesn’t work.

YouTube keeps changing their scripts so that it has only worked about 1 week per month for the last 5 years.

I use it a couple times per week and it has worked 99% of the time for the last 5 years. Maybe you’re doing something wrong.

As long as products/services are transparent about their limitations, I see nothing wrong with having such limitations

For my use case, I find it useful that pirated content is downranked/filtered, because these results are so often of terrible quality/relevance and can often be infected/malicious

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that I can recommend to non-expert friends/family and not worry about it, it’s awesome to have reliable and safe defaults

For me, DuckDuckGo isn’t perfect (what solution is?), but in terms of harm minimisation, at least my searches aren’t going directly to Google/Microsoft, they are being safely proxied on my behalf

I do also think it’s very important for alternative products/services to exist for advanced use cases, and for users who know how to safely navigate around the malware/misinformation/etc

They started censoring search results just a few weeks ago. It wasn’t hard to predict that they’re going to go further with that. Switch to Brave search and pray they won’t go down that route as well.

I’m trying out Brave right now. Doesn’t look bad.

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