I have a good experience with digitalocean when it comes to technical stuff, or computing stability, most of my apps hosted there are business related apps, has nothing to do with public opinion. but recently i decided to launch a lemmy instance that allows freedom of speech with very less restrictions, and i’m still thinking to put the service on digitalocean, but i dont know if digitalocean is good when it comes to freedom of speech, because i dont want to wake up at the morning and find that they blocked my account and deleted all my data because they didn`t like what my users are talking about.

Note: Less restrictions means (no pornography, child pornography, terrorist group and violence support, copyrighted materials trade).


I run my instance on there and I pay $5 USD a month for it and so far I’m happy about it. You can choose where the server is located, although I don’t know if that determines whether DO will take down your server as @pimento@lemmygrad.ml said since they’re based in the US. My DO server is in Germany.


If you end up providing a space for hate speech you are likely violating their ToS and thus they will delete it if someone complains.

But this is really just normal and common sense. Why would you provide online space for idiots posting their bullshit?

This has nothing to do with censorship or freedom of speech. Imagine someone opening a pub… and then having people turn up and shit on the tables and hurl insults at anyone passing by. Why would anyone in their right mind tollerate that?


I truly appreciate your view, but this not how you think mate. I’m not into hate speech of course, I’m not trying to create something that makes people fight over silly stuff, just want to establish a civilized speech but in deep, something we usually don`t see in the mainstream. lets assume that we are talking politics, for example, we criticize foreign and internal policy of the countries, defense contractors and arm dealers, shadow economics and human rights violations.
Also, we put leaks and we talk deeply about Pandora and panama papers. all these as examples.


In America, the phase “freedom of speech” has unfortunately become synonymous with far right politics, and is generally just code for saying whatever ill thought out, hate filled thing a person wants, but without anyone responding back to them with criticism. Because criticism equals censorship in the minds of these deluded folks. But we all know that by now, right? I’m Korean American, btw. Not saying that’s what the OP is saying, but it makes me ask, what “freedom of speech” is being denied on these instances? I guess they say they’re in a country that may restrict corporate critique?


Digitalocean is based in the United States, so if you host your instance there, you will have to follow the laws of that country to some degree (at least if the instance gets big enough for someone to notice). It will probably be similar if your instance is hosted in another country, and I dont think there is any country that is clearly neutral.

So my suggestion is to think about which countries your instance would mainly criticize, and then host in a “hostile” country. For example, if you want to criticize the United States, host in Russia or China as their governments wont care about that. Or vice versa.


Your comment is helpful and clear. Thanks mate.

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