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The Netherlands currently “own” more territory outside of Europe than in it. Guessing that land wasn’t exactly obtained peacefully or the existing people there treated particularly well during the… Acquisition.

Also, a huge number of ongoing geopolitical and socioeconomic problems in places like Southeast Asia and Africa are directly caused by Dutch colonialism. Actually, this is true for literally every European country and their “former” colonies, a fact which they conveniently overlook when talking about human rights in those regions.

Ooh better take them seriously when they consider something a genocide! We’re hearing this from one of the pioneers of genocide here, so if anyone knows what counts as genocide or not, it’s them!

That’s… Not even a good cover story lol. Research really doesn’t need that much of a target material, and the costs of actually doing said research far outweighs the cost of reagents or supplies in all but the most exotic, bleeding edge materials known to man.

The worst thing about this is that he’s being sent from a country with the death penalty to one without.

Despite the West’s intensive efforts to turn Asian countries against each other, they are growing more united by the day.

I’m sure a lib will come by and explain why that’s totally different shortly.

The arts are watered down and bent over backwards for profit.

See: All the mainstream media franchises.

Also see: All the tax evasion schemes billionaires have devised involving the arts.

Maybe this mask off anti-Chinese racism is partly why they’re trying to develop their own tech?

Damn. Another reason to not to use 'em then

The server side is proprietary? Like, do you mean the snapcraft.io thing or the package server? I thought Snaps worked off the same “alphabetical nested folder being hosted as an open directory with a text file for the index” system that most package managers used. In fact isn’t it pretty easy to go into the client and change where it downloads packages from?

I consider Pop OS the de-bullshitted version of Ubuntu.

Biggest issue: Free and nonfree packages in the same repository. If you’re on the command line, you have no idea which is which. Goes against the principles of free software. For me to even consider using a package manager it better not have nonfree packages by default, you should need to issue a command to activate a completely separate nonfree repository (so I can avoid that command like the plague), you know, like how apt, dnf, pacman etc do it?

Yeah no. Biden Administration isn’t going to do anything. The only way that the US can actually start seriously contributing to conservation is by first going through a fundamental overhaul of the government to something not hanging by the marionette strings of gigacorporations.

This is the innovation equivalent of the Streisand effect. If you try and withhold technology, you will only give them a motive to develop it themselves and surpass you.

We saw this with the USSR, we’re seeing this with China’s chips and Cuba’s vaccine. And it’s frankly beautiful.

Reminds me of that morpheus meme:

“Take the blue pill and your life will be shit and you will be blind to the truth.”

“And the red pill”

“Same, but strawberry flavour”

I just thought this was talk was really cool in a nerdily niche kind of way. When most people in the West talk about China they're just spewing propaganda, and these little fun facts and corners of interesting knowledge are almost always drowned out or shot down by a sea of "REEE CHINA BAD!!! HOW CAN YOU TALK ABOUT STUFF LIKE THIS SO CAUSALLY WHEN THEY'RE SO BAD?!?!"