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trackers are bad (especially google ones). odysee doesn’t get a pass just for being floss

odysee/lbry’s privacy policy isn’t that much better but at least it’s clearer

odysee has many problems, ranging from technical inabilities to questionable moderation but privacy does seem to be pretty much figured out (they do collect unnecessary information but it all looks like anonymous useful analytics)

in conclusion, 2 trackers on the main page ain’t that bad

4 trackers on the main page


9 page privacy policy

yeah, surely this is a privacy respecting alternative

Isn’t what Moxie doing against the license of the project

no. you can moderate your own signal server however you want, moxie own the signal.org server and doesn’t allowed unofficial clients to use it

having said that, you could argue that it goes against the idea of the license and foss software in general

i can’t speak for the lemmy’s developers but rust is basically the perfect language for backend servers

  • it’s incredibly fast

  • it’s incredibly safe

  • there is clippy, a incredibly powerful tool to detect common mistakes

  • statically linked libraries (bad for normal applications but ideal for servers, it’s why go does it)

  • incredibly powerful pattern matching

  • very safe and easy-to-use generics

  • sanitized macros

these are just a couple of things that came to mind. for most of rust’s life it was used as a language to create backend servers and dynamically link libraries so it ended up being very good for those things

meanwhile amerikkkan A.I can’t even tell the difference between bipoc and monkeys…

there 👏 is 👏 no 👏 obesity 👏 crisis

people dislike yours posts

they downvote you

there is no trolling or bias, you are just sounding like a trump supporter

Ideology over functionality

imagine actually thinking this is a bad thing, i’d take ideology over functionality anytime possible

no, just no

mastodon should handle this the same way they handled gab, hardcode block them

create a real throwaway email, outlook.com allows you to create an email without a phone number

that’s the single best thing to do so you don’t get shadow banned but here are a couple of other things:

  • subscribe to a couple of subreddits (mix default and non-default)

  • upvote random posts (from new, hot, top)

  • comment generic, known things on default subs

that should make your account pretty safe, even on tor

it’s optimized for french, also works for english but it’s not ideal

both have their uses, you link a very detailed article on the process of making a discord bot, I linked a bunch of up-to-date examples

that article is a bit old, you can check newer versions of bots here: https://github.com/serenity-rs/serenity/tree/current/examples. lot’s of macros to remove boilerplate code

crypto-fascist browser/search engine. stop using it

they are going to apologize, release what they violated so far and once security is tighter, continue to do it

too short and also doesn’t encourage people as much as a explicit setting would