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Vancouver, Canada: Isolated pockets of bike lanes. Not like a neighborhood or an urban center where you can reasonably do everything you need within it, literally a single block of new development will have a dutch-style paved bike lane but you’re out to sea if you go beyond it.

I mean Taiwan is a country that sentences you to death if you so much as smoke a joint. Not sure he has a choice here if he wants to live because the PRC is one of the few countries he can count on to not extradite.

Technically, all land vertibrates evolved from fish, make of that how you want.

From high altitude balloons to high altitude people? China really is evil!

Seriously, four hours? For what? Jesus Christ’s resurrection party was more succinct than this.

If the US is to have any right criticize Russia’s annexation of the DPR, LPR, and Crimea, it should free Hawaii and all other Indigenous lands. Otherwise it is sitting in a pool of blood while calling Russia for having blood on their hands.

DPR, LPR, and Crimea were Russian for most of the history of Russia and Ukraine, and are still majority ethnic Russian. Ukraine’s “sovereign” state is only legitimate in its native territory. The above regions have all voted that they’d rather be apart of Russia.

Meanwhile the US annexed Hawaii and ignored a petition by the vast majority of Native Hawaiians to stay independent because… Because. It was because they’re not white isn’t it?

Some carrier locked non iPhone non Android “proto smartphone” piece of shit with an even more proprietary app store than those two (the servers are definitely long dead). Still have to find it.

Might have been one of Blackberry’s hail Mary attempts to make their own smartphone OS, I forget.

This made me think! I still have a smart ish phone with a qwerty keyboard! And I type a lot on phones! Gonna see if I can load PostMarket OS on it and see what it’s like writing long rants and roleplay responses on it compared to touchscreen!

Nokia G22 has removable back and standard screws allowing battery swap in less than five minutes at home

Is the bar this low now? That’s not a “DIY repairable phone”, that’s a “phone that meets the bare minimum for non user-hostile hardware”.

What the fuck?

Wait, does that also mean that if you’re a sperm donor, and someone willingly uses your sperm, they can then claim child support from you since the court apparently considers you one of the parents.

More like “flavor removed to cut costs due to inflation” and the price still rose.

Bao Fan is the latest businessman in China to disappear, raising concerns that Beijing’s crackdown on the technology and financial industries will continue.

Concerns? They WILL continue. Because fuck the rich.

Which is ironic because a major paradigm of medicine is that you should be a lumper and not a splitter, that is, you look at all the symptoms holistically and try to find the root causes, not cover them up individually.

And yet the medical institutions do the exact opposite and fuck people over because now they don’t feel the symptoms while the root cause is getting worse under the skin.

10 days.

That’s enough to bring down the biggest corporations and grind the economy to a halt.

Yet if you don’t have enough savings for at least a year, you’re seen by society as a garbage human who’s lazy and entitled.

IDK, why can’t these corporations pull themselves up by their bootstraps and just get workers? All those executives need is a firm handshake and a good work ethic right?

Name one civil right that was voted in and not the result of civil obedience. I’ll wait.

Also, it’s not good to be constantly taking heartburn medicine if you keep having heartburn. It’s a symptom, not a disease in itself. So if it keep happening, you should get it checked out to see if there aren’t any more serious issues.

Then again most Americans can’t afford that.

I mean… Are we surprised? This is the same country that gave us “Jewish Space Lasers” and “The snow in Texas is not real.”

…because it’s a goddamn research balloon. Those don’t tend to have security related technology restrictions like military devices do.

The insinuation that “oh look at all these seeseepee compliant companies in their spying” is complete bullshit fear mongering.

Occam’s Razor: some grand conspiracy where China managed to get multiple major Western companies in on their illegal spying of the west, with said Western companies knowing that the device with their tech on it will almost certainly be captured and inspected, exposing their involvement in it, complete with the companies not bothering to obfuscate their markings. Or they needed to make a civilian balloon so they sourced the best parts they (read: probably not even the central government, most likely a university, research institution, or local government) could get quickly and cost effectively, some of which being Chinese and others Western, you know, like how all civilian tech components are sourced?


The entire reason the Asian diaspora started in the West is because millions of Chinese people were coerced and/or forcibly brought here to basically be slaves. It was never safe for Asians.

There’s a reason the English word for being forced onto a ship is “shanghaied”

Any VPS or cloud host that supports Docker is your best bet. Since you can one-shot deploy from Docker.

BREAKING: Uyhgur organ harvesting isreal but is happening in Massachusetts

The way I see it, they ruined ads for themselves and it’s not our fault for hating them enough to want to get rid of them. If ads didn’t make the web literally unusable, steal our data, consume more system resources than the site itself, and be a portal for malware, people would be more accepting of them to support websites.

This is a textbook greed leads to ruin tale, like cyberpunk Aesop.

For fricking real. SSDs are starting to catch up to hard drives in cost per gigabyte.

You probably couldn’t reach the density shown in this futuristic city using car as mean of transportation. A future city with cars would look much less dense, and spread over a larger area.

Either that or it’d feel like living inside of the blood clot in someone’s heart.

Short answer: you can’t be because Lemmy and cPanel are based on different software architectures.

Long answer: First, as far as I know cPanel can only deploy PHP app, which most open source forums are. Lemmy is written in Rust and is executed differently to generate a website. Second, Lemmy has its own server that connects to the web host’s server in a process called reverse proxying, and it does this by having a main “Lemmy” program constantly running as long as the site is live, just like the web server it connects to. This works very differently from PHP, where each webpage is a separate very small program that runs when the page is called, and then exits when the page render is complete.

Hey, united Ireland though. Small victories?

The fact that this wasn’t immediately obvious does not bode well for real life.

Are they? I’ve not seen that beyond people who were socialists in the first place, who, as socialists, would hopefully already know what a POS the West is.

Remember when Musk said he's buying twitter because "hurr durr free speech"?

More info: (Also, DO NOT refer to it by any acronyms! The canonical name of this factual and objective news publication is Canadian-United Media, to shorten it into an acronym is to insult the Western free world's journalism prowess!)

Evidence for foreign agency Involvement in Shanghai protests emerges
cross-posted from: > * Protesters were being instructed by Western media agents that work for RFA, CNN, BBC > > * Questionable knowledge of Chinese language and characters > > * Agent instructing protest tactics > > * Telegram group instruction :"Look for the director, when you get there" with pictures a foreign white man > > And looks like some arrests of provocateurs are happening

Evidence for foreign agency Involvement in Shanghai protests emerges
cross-posted from: > * Protesters were being instructed by Western media agents that work for RFA, CNN, BBC > > * Questionable knowledge of Chinese language and characters > > * Agent instructing protest tactics > > * Telegram group instruction :"Look for the director, when you get there" with pictures a foreign white man > > And looks like some arrests of provocateurs are happening

What’s the best DVD ripping software for Linux and how the hell do you even get it installed?
I'm looking to make a complete backup of my family's DVD and CD libraries by turning them into plain unencrypted media files that can just be played by whatever software. And I *just might* create torrents for some of the ones that don't already have established highly seeded torrents. Except, I've been trying all day on and off get a DVD ripper *with automatic decryption* set up on my machine and can't figure it out. I use Fedora, and none of the ones I read about are on the standard package manager, probably because Fedora doesn't want to get sued. I have tried the source code for the major ones but again, they have next to no official or even unofficial documentation, need dependencies which I can't figure out where to get, or the compile or run crashes with cryptic errors, or errors out when . Web searching has been less than helpful with any of these problems. Has anyone here gotten a decrypting DVD ripper working on Linux? Can you share what steps you took, or what documentation/tutorial you followed? I really don't want to have to use Windows or proprietary software for this, because for the former, it's... Windows, and for the latter, I don't trust it because piracy software can be shady AF.