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Pronouns are whatever. He/She/They… They all work.

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No seriously, Himalayan salt is just. Salt with some impurities in it that make it – Less salt-y.

The fun part about this is that it works on every country.

Fucking hell.

They gonna drag us into nukular war.

I am voting for him.

But it’ll be an angry vote.

I sorta understand how americans felt voting for Biden in 2020.

Set up WSL. Just for the convenience of a Linux terminal

Antivirus software nowadays just slows your machine down, even Windows Defender is a pain in the ass – Especially if you pirate things. Sometimes I feel it’s more like a DRM measure masquerading as a security feature, since it only seems to pop when I’m trying to install pirated games.

Instead pack your browser with adblocking and other such security extensions. Or block malicious things through your hosts-file if you’re thus inclined – blocking fake download buttons and such is usually enough to avoid trouble. That and not falling for scam-links. Teach your kids about avoiding scams.

Windows 11 is full of lil’ annoyances that can be removed or altered with third party tools, which is something I’d do on a machine for me, but if it’s for someone else… Enh?

That said what the peeps said here about Linux is true – A lot of Steam games now work out of box. Just install and run. Proton is lovely. Games outside Steam need tinkering, though. And some games require additional setup anyway. But that might imply you having to help your kids set up games, probably. Extra work for you. Also I’ve had shitty experiences with gaming on Linux laptops. But that might be outdated news.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiet. This is gonna get me wanting to build an ill-advised project box.

Powered by fairy dust and the tears of a forsaken child, I presume.

(article is paywalled yo)

“Free Market” people when two institutions they don’t like freely trade with each other

I thought that by this point anyone in the Russian hierarchy that wasn’t a yes man would have gotten unmarked-vanned, given what they’ve been doing to, y’know, the people? But, who knows.

Tbh I’m scared Putin will just say fuck it and hit the nuke button.

He is crazy enough.

Well. My father has yet to turn 80, but as a 60 year old he is rather fond of SimCity type games.

But how approachable they are idk. Cuz my 'pa was always a generalised nerd. :P

The world would be a much simpler place if we all took a deep breath and admitted to ourselves and others that we are not purely rational beings, never were, never will be, aren’t meant to be.

“Logic and Reason” are useful tools, but treating them as the end-all-be-all of everything is foolhardy at best.

Plus, the more “rational” you claim to be (aka, the more you reject your own emotions and refuse to accept and understand them because you think emotions are for others), the more likely you are to make decisions that are, in fact, not rational at all but that you’ve convinced yourself are the logical thing. Our rational brains are incredibly good at coming up with reasonings for our emotional responses that make sense to us but wouldn’t actually hold up to scrutiny.

There’s good content here, but there is so much eyerolling conservative whining too. Listing Reddits like T_D or TheFappening as examples of “unfairly removed” communities paints a very unflattering picture… And when he brought up THE FABRIC OF WESTERN SOCIETY I had to laugh because the alternative was to cringe out of my seat.

Still the story of Schwartz’ erasure is legitimate knowledge and how dirty he was done by both Reddit and the US government. I just don’t get how anyone can learn a story LIKE Schwartz’s and come out of it thinking the US government and “Western Society” are in any way a thing to be fought for, when it is those very systems that fucked him over when he dared put principles over ruthless capitalism.

@Edit: Also this creator has a video about how The Matrix is a call to action for MANHOOD, which lmao it was written by two closeted trans women, and is by their own admittance about the liberating power of femininity, you genius.

I want something even more tedious than public transport. I want things to be within walkable distances instead of an ungodly sprawl.

Sounds like a bad maintenance problem, not an inherent problem with busses.

(…),I like

*trains runs over everyone*

Hasn’t TemTem been fully playable in Early Access for years?

Regardless I heard nice things about it back when everyone was angry at Pokémon SwSh.

As I told the other person – I do think people would care enough to want social attention, but I highly doubt that in a non-capitalist society we’d be cultivating this highly curated worksona who is always in a good mood, never tired, and loves being exploited, yanno?

I think there is a difference between wanting attention because you like attention and the kind of businesslike image cultivation we see on platforms like facebook.

Way back in the day in an obscure MyBB webforum for Brazilian nerds with 800 users, I was very proud of, as we called it in those times, my e-peen, which is to say, being one of the most well-liked members of the community with lots of in-forum awards listed on my user profile and shit. But like. At no point did I think of myself as cultivating a brand that could (and would) be used to get me employment, and at no point did other people side-eye me for doing “out of brand” or “unprofessional” things, which does happen in places like Facebook.

The banana: The most ultracapitalistically dictatorial fruit. (taken from a meme page on that other link aggregator site)

Anyone else feel *weird* when looking at AI-generated art?
Like. A friend-of-friends got in on Dall-E 2 and was showing some stupid shite they made with it. And the thing is. It _is_ impressive as hell? You give it a vague description and it _will_ give you something that generally matches the vibe of the description. Plus looks very well rendered. But also. Uh. It gives me these weird dystopian feelings. It being in Elongated Muskquito's pockets doesn't _help_ with that feeling, but it's not its main cause. I can't even articulate _why_ it makes me feel so uncomfy though. Was hoping someone smarter than I shared in the same feeling.