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Pretty sure you could do this by adding site blockers to your search query.

I have never attempted to run any MacOS applications. I generally like compatibility tools. How well does Darling run Mac apps?

Tbh fediverse is strange in that you use it for the decentralized federation model more than anything else. Everything else is up to the instance and how it handles things.

Easy work around. Setup a vpn and have that person connect to you /s

Tbh people forget that open source just means that you can see the source code. It has no bearing on what you can do with it. There are plenty of projects that are open source that have very restrictive licenses otherwise.

Never really took the time to study how xargs works. I guess now is the time to do that lol.

This is my thoughts exactly. Zulip even has really good threading as a feature above Discord.

Where is the federated version of Discord? Without that you might as well stick with Discord and Zulip imo.

Will Lemmy support mastodon accounts?
Just curious if you will eventually be able to post something from a Mastodon account to Lemmy or vice verse. Or at least follow something on Lemmy from Mastodon.