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A lot of us prefer matrix to xmpp. But also I’m not sure if ppl have done a similar analysis of what metadata XMPP currently leaks.

Also you don’t need an email or phone number to sign up with matrix, or create an instance, which IMO would be the most dangerous identifiers to be leaked to other servers.

Still centralized, not self hostable, so subject to a lot of the same problems. Matrix or xmpp have this problem solved.

I deployed 0.13.1 here with the changes in the linked issue, I’ll keep an eye on it and see if that resolves the issue.

@lemmy@midwest.social @tmpod@lemmy.pt let me know if you have any issues.

I love the god of small things! Been a while since I read it though.

We’re dealing with a fairly critical federation bug rn: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/1820

A restart seems to fix it, but only temporarily. It might have to do with the large number of now defunct instances this one is still trying to connect to. lemmy.ml is receiving data fine, but the background service that sends federated info out is crashing. We’re on it and will try to push a fix asap.

cc @nutomic@lemmy.ml @asonix@lemmy.ml

Tough one, but I’ll have to go with the Silmarillion.

Its possible our background tasks stopped working again, I’m on the road so I can’t check. @nutomic@lemmy.ml could you see if our server logs are showing any recent activity from background_tasks, and if not, restart it?

Its a man in the middle that recieves every communication to any server that uses it, including ip addresses, signups, passwords, usernames, all in clear text for them. Since so many servers use it, its a giant aggregator as dangerous as a centralized password store.

This lays everything out really well. The dark pattern / psychologically addictive stuff is something I’d love compile a megathread of articles on, not to necessarily create anything official, but just as a series of design principles to refer to.

I have a more expensive linux laptop with a touchscreen, but I think it does make the battery life take a big hit, unlike android. If I were to go for a touchscreen device, i might go with the lenovo chromebook duet. Cheap chromebook, great battery life, runs android apps, and you can install a linux subsystem.

I don’t have rtl experience, but there is an open issue for it in the ui, and I’d be glad to review a pr from someone to add it.

Trying to use the tui browsers would be pure torture for me. Pictures, icons, custom colors, sizing and layouts are so integral to the web… hell even markdown in a terminal isn’t ideal since it can’t do header sizes.

Tuis do make sense for a lot of things, but not for media heavy things like the web.

I’d love to hear his heavy metal stuff.

Aww they missed cmus as a tui music player. Really clean and can handle a massive library.

We’d def appreciate any help we could get w/ ppl reaching out to communities and seeing if they’d like to move here or set up their own lemmy instance. @nutomic@lemmy.ml and I aren’t that great at spreading lemmy around to other communities, we’d like to just code and work on the site.

I’m def up for seeing ideas / ways I could tweak the layout to make it more clean and compact. I’m not really a UI person, outside of just copying the styles of my favorite apps… like this UI is modeled mostly after boost for reddit.

Lemmy.ml now uses open federation.

You no longer have to ask us to add you manually, you can subscribe and interact without the approval process. …

Iframely is our embed / picture thumbnail fetcher for external sites. But its extremely heavy, unreliable ( crashes a lot ), and doesn’t build for ARM…