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i’d suggest using your own instance for that

i’d recommend yunohost over cpanel

this is so trite and unimportant but i hope more apps get the themed icons for android 13, everything matches but like 2 icons that stand out

but really, what are the active mlm groups in america right now? RCP is… RCP. Red Guards disbanded, i can’t find much

thinking about moving back to xubuntu, gnome doesn’t do theming anymore

hopefully the 3d gun people finally move to a real platform instead of that Odysee bullshit

Single sign-on, so I can interact with other fedi sites with my main account without manually loading them in mastodon

oh fuck what will happen to the federated feed?

it looks unmaintained for the last year but hopefully if it gets popular someone will take over

Single sign on for other fediverse sites with my main account (likely mastodon)

i don’t think it’s possible, you can remove the alias and add it to a new room

lib.reviews - I have 18 invite codes
If anyone wants to join and will use it

it’s not a featue yet

you can totally view all public rooms, and they have a dropdown for the other connected services, just click the + sign next to Rooms and click Explore Rooms

they should go after the pedos and leave pirates alone

and all the packages those secondary packages require, back in the old days we called it Dependency Hell

also very popular vides can also have mastodon comments, pleroma, etc too

Ideally, you could play the videos and not just see the thumbnail

odysee is full of far right people and cryptocurrency scams

please link it! do you have a peertube channel?

LibRedirect will automatically forward you to frontends like this for many sites. Now it can detect offline instances and keep trying others

i have the same concerns with hippies and their guerilla roadside gardening, at least get some soil samples tested at the local college

if you’re technically inclined and like watching stuff, i highly suggest kodi with debrid addons. i have mine running on a raspi3b+ connected to my tv, it’s like netflix for everything. my debrid service is like $13 a month and has a terabyte cloud with rss torrent downloads, usenet, vpn, voip, and high speed downloads from premium services. don’t wanna advertise here but if you ask i’ll link you. or just search debrid

i don’t think most people are qualified enough to have serious ideas about protocol-level changes

remember when he was at some big thing talking about the windows on a tesla (truck?) wouldn’t break and hit it with a hammer and it totally shattered? someone lost their job over that

Anyone familiar with amtrack
I'm thinking of taking a sleeper car up the west coast, what can I expect

good luck being flooded with right wing extremism, they love odysee

Anyone tried to run lemmy on a Raspi4?
Any issues or successes? I might wanna run a small instance on pure solar

If you’re not aware, you can paste an image from clipboard into the URL field.
Glad I tried. It would be nice if images federated as image attachments and not just a lemmy link, tho

Recs for a reliable vanlife van without breaking the bank?
I prefer higher ceilings and enough room for a small toilet area. I know Sprinters are gold standard, but they're not cheap and maintenance sucks. Still prob cheaper than rent if i finance it.

Posts aren't showing up and join requests aren't being approved when i try to follow communities

How to register FB/Insta without a phone number?
The disposable SMS sites haven't worked so far, will I just have to buy some?

The Gatalog
Come and make it