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AWESOME! pen source karaoke singing game UltraStar Deluxe, inspired by Sony SingStar™ (includes step
tldr guide to get it working: ## Step 1: building you need to build the project (no packages for instance for fedora), but it is easy since build requirements are up to date. However, i had to use the current master version, since the stable release from 2020 wants a version of ffmpeg which is too old for my fedora. received some odd warnings, but the game still works ``` Linking ../game/ultrastardx Warning: "crtbegin.o" not found, this will probably cause a linking failure Warning: "crtend.o" not found, this will probably cause a linking failure 216888 lines compiled, 10.6 sec 59 warning(s) issued 616 note(s) issued make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/username/src/USDX/src' ``` ## Step 2: starting creative commons songs For legal reasons, it doesn't contain for instance copyrighted music and similar. some creative common songs which you can use without much configuration: https://github.com/UltraStar-Deluxe/songs This is great to understand how real examples work and makes step 3 (the interesting part) easier. You need to git clone this repository and then start the game with the path to this repo. ``` $ cd ~/src/USDX/game ~/src/USDX/game $ ./ultrastardx -Songpath ~/songs ``` ## Step 3: starting with copyrighted music Basically, ultrastar just loads whatever music file you dropped in the songs folder. So this way, you can also decide if you want to sing based on an instrumential version or if you want to sing along the original song, with the original singer assisting you. For the text and the notes how high you need to sing, i found this repository which contains both for many popular songs: https://github.com/razzertronic/usdx-songs but it doesn't work yet, the music file is still missing. Look into the creative commons repository and see which folder structure of the songs are expected (cover, text file and music file is important). The music file is also referenced in the song.txt file. This file looks for instance like that. `audio.ogg` must exist. MP3 is just the tag name, so the format doesn't matter. the creative commons repositiory also uses some OGG files. ``` #TITLE:Alle nur geklaut #ARTIST:Die Prinzen #MP3:audio.ogg #BPM:159,75 #GAP:12480 : 0 2 64 Ich ``` Also, i found that the music file i downloaded from youtube and the song.txt don't fit perfectly together, the youtube song lags a few seconds behind. TO fix that, i needed to change the GAP value in the song.txt Another example is: in one Madonna song, i found that one break (short period of silence) was inconsistent to the song.txt. Anyway, i guess you need to be prepared to spend some time to get each song working. Didn't try it yet, but maybe https://github.com/UltraStar-Deluxe/UltraStar-Creator can help with that. However, the software itself, and the overall result is **awesome** and very much on the same level as singstar!

worker owned company Igalia from spain sponsors ‘servo’, the independent web browser engine project
see also https://servo.org/blog/2023/01/16/servo-2023/ comments on lobste.rs: https://lobste.rs/s/yvkxmt/servo_advance_2023

> [...] This is important, because they kind of fudge the numbers a bit. NIF measures power in as the laser power into the fusion reaction chamber, not what they SUPPLY to the laser. If they claim a Q of 1 based on their measure; it would actually be a Q of 0.01 by the standard calculation, because they're ignoring the inefficiencies of the lasers. > > Not only that, but we'd still be a factor of 20 from viable power. This is just something to keep in mind.

yes, my deleted question was just missunderstanding your question and asking for clarification, but after thinking about it i understood it better

can you comment or post something to the feminism community? then i can appoint you

hmm, i don’t have much experience about cross instance moderation work, but i trust the experience of @NormieGirl@lemmy.perthchat.org

–> so yes, i would be very happy to welcome you in the moderation team!

Hello, recently, a user requested moderation action in a thread in the sublemmy feminism. I came a bit late to the party since i am the only moderator there. Therefore, i request assistance in moderating this sublemmy. Please send me direct messages when you are interested. Things i wish for: * trans and queer inclusive * taking racism seriously * general interest to understand what patriarchy means and how it works, with an intention to abolish patriarchy. At least curiosity in that area would be nice. * some kind of leftist/anarchist/anticapitalist * active user of lemmy --> direct message if interested.

because i don’t have a better sublemmy with equally high user subscriptions

but then the problem is that for instance women are excluded from such movement (probably?) -> and i think the criticism of women in such movements is very important.

so yes i agree that leftist men need to do some work in that area, but i think it is better when noone is excluded from that.

For instance, as @Grograman@sopuli.xyz said:

A lot of issues that men face are directly because of the patriarchy so dismantling it is the only way to fight for men’s rights. Not being taken seriously in sexual assaults, not being equally considered for custody, not being able to express emotions - all of these come from the bullshit patriarchal view of strong men and weak women that the patriarchy enforces. It’s all the same fight.

I think this is important to understand for all people, not only for men. and i think the quality of understanding is higher when all views are included, from all genders.

at the same time:

i recommend to read JJ Bola’s book “Mask Off : Masculinity Redefined”.

Probably a good short version is “Why toxic masculinity hurts men: JJ Bola explains all” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekPg-ZGqvb8

i think this is a good starting point in dismantling patriarchy. But still, dismantling patriarchy is very important.

As a male leftist, i’m critical about that - i think the biggest danger of such a group is that they would not be able to dismantle patriarchy and male supremacy behavior. So the danger would be: if queerfeminist activists criticize this mens group because of patriarchy, their response is “yes, thanks for the critique, we fix that” - but everything stays the same because those men care more about the feminist label and the reputation and the feeling of being feminist than the actual dismantling of male supremacy and patriarchy in leftist groups.

For instance: currently, leftwing groups also have sometimes sexual violence towards women or queer people. From experience (as a male leftist), what happens in many cases is that - especially men - have a bad/superficial understanding of patriarchy and therefore do not stand in solidarity to victims of sexual violence. Patriarchy means that it is quite likely some male friends either have been abusive in the past - or will be abusive in the future. This is a consequence from our society not explaining how good sexual consensus work, how manipulative some behavior can be, etc.

So in short: it is quite likely that those men would not held their friends accountable and talk about how patriarchy works etc, and NOT make sure that something like that (patriarchal behavior) doesn’t happen again.

tldr: as a male leftist working in this area, i am not sure if this group would be able to gain the necessary knowledge about patriarchy, sexual violence, abusive behavior, and other aspects of “toxic” masculinity.

corresponding hacker news post: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24696658

gitea has now WIP ActivitiyPub Federation
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/315953 > * Mastodon post where they manage to follow a their gitea account: https://social.exozy.me/@ta180m/108472185098129371 > * Gitea federation task list #3 - https://gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea/issues/3 > * the gitea fork that develops this: https://gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea

gitea has now WIP ActivitiyPub Federation
* Mastodon post where they manage to follow a their gitea account: https://social.exozy.me/@ta180m/108472185098129371 * Gitea federation task list #3 - https://gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea/issues/3 * the gitea fork that develops this: https://gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea

oh hello, didn’t expect you to find you here, welcome!

thanks for the links and further explanation :)

@dessalines@lemmy.ml @nutomic@lemmy.ml

response to the linked github ticket:

instead of limiting the posts, i think the easiest way would be to just adapt the lemmy ranking algorithm https://join-lemmy.org/docs/en/about/ranking.html to include the amount of posts per user and per community. So that it is also logratithmic.

this is what i mean with the above post, that the more a user posts, slowly the ranking decreases for each post. Also for the community.

this is a better solution

i think it makes also sense for the ones you subscribe to. for instance, i have usually like 5 posts from lemmygrad in my feed because they have both many posts and many upvotes - which means high liklihood that their post lands in a high position in the feed.

compare that to instances which are for instance very new and get not many posts and not many upvotes, or only not many upvotes. --> i don’t see them much on my timeline

–> so i think applying that on all communities increases diversity overall, in the lemmyverse

disagree. i found this issue many times in instances which whose activity was perfectly fine otherwise, and for instance even when the default filter would be active, this STILL would be an issue since every post is shown as equally active

Many things about “Political correctness” have some theory behind. So focusing only on “the latest words” without understanding the theory is not good. And with theory, i mean for instance how racism works on a structural level, how it is institutionalized, how people grow up with subtle racism.

However, the way our society works, usually there is not much time to understand the theory, so therefore what remains (that is, the only thing many people have energy for) is a notice.

And specifically about racism, many people (including leftist people) usually think they can’t be racist because they fight against the racist society or nazis or right wing people. But they (leftist, progressive people) forget that racism can also be very subtle. Or it can be structurally: so not understanding how black people experience racism (and that is very complicated to understand, trust me) is sometimes hurtful because white people accidentally act in hurtful ways without knowing it is hurtful.

So one big problem black people have when they want to talk about racism is that white, progressive people act like the black person thinks they are right wing kind of racist. This is even more difficult when black people are frustrated because they have to explain the same thing many times to many different white people.

so in essence: i think the biggest thing you can do is NOT to focus on the latest words which are politically incorrect and however understand the political structure behind that. So understand the oppression marginalized people feel. read books. listen to what they say.

Because, when you have a systematic understanding of how marginalized people are oppressed, it is MUCH easier to talk about for black people. Because when black people criticize you, they obviously also don’t want to hurt your feelings but instead they want political change. They want white people to understand how their oppression works.

And one thing that is usually forgotten when talking about the oppression of marginalized people: people have many different opinions. For instance, Black people also sometimes do not agree with each other when talking about the oppression of black people. So you also have to understand their perspective from a inter-sectional point of view. So, for instance: Black people who experience classism because they grew up very poor have a much different perspective on how racism works compared to black celebrities. For Black women it is also very different, because of the intersection of racism and sexism. For queer jewish people who grew up in an orthodox familiy it is also much different. In general, people have a much different history, for instance also because of how their home country.

this is exactly the one i recommend :) yours is just another way of accessing the community.

Drew devault is currently writing a systems programming language and i learnt a lot from that. For instance, a bootstrap compiler written in C is useful for packaging and adapting the new language to a new processor architecture or similar things.

The language is somewhat “in the public” but Drew asks that it remains a secret until it is more mature.

Also interesting is this thread on the alpine linux devel list regarding self hosted compilers like rust. In essence, rust is difficult to package, because you need rust to compile rust.

as far as i know, yes lemmygrad and lemmy.ml are operated by the same people. And i think this was a deliberate decision to create a seperate instance: the admins knew that such discussions would arise and they knew people would block/criticize tankie-content. So having a generalist instance like lemmy.ml makes it easier for people to like lemmy.

i don’t trust the developers or tankies in general.

and also many people in the tech scene like to explain things if you show motivation and the desire to listen, read manuals and such things.

so good internet-search skills will get you very far in my experience

well, you can learn. many people in the tech scene have never formally learned to program and just tinkered around. trial and error basically.

so this is not a question of your programming skills and instead rather one of motivation and curiosity.

reading recommendation: https://blog.brixit.nl/do-you-really-want-linux-phones/

postmarketos is better longterm because they work heavily on upstreaming patches to for instance the linux kernel or other projects. ubuntu touch instead uses many local patches but doesn’t invest that much time into upstreaming.

if you have time i’d suggest to choose postmarketos and try to fix your problems you find. you can learn a lot by it and improve the long term support. because others have done exactly that before you, the support is already very good usually. so you don’t need to learn everything yourself, just need to look what other people had done on other devices to fix similar problems.

it may require a few hours/weekends until you understand things, but it feels good to have that much knowledge to be able to fix your problems.

EDIT: ah, sorry. i thought your device would be in community, not in testing: https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/OnePlus_Two_(oneplus-oneplus2) - so i thought you had this device: https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/OnePlus_6_(oneplus-enchilada)

so in that case: you probably would need to invest more time but it is still possible to get good support. usually you can also look at the ubuntu touch patches and see if you can work with them, altough for instance ubuntu touch uses usually a very old kernel whereas postmarketos uses a new kernel.

also notice:

let’s assume this article would get viral with many upvotes and many people showing solidarity and such things. male people in india would also see that and because of the attention this topic gets it would create a big discussion in the foss scene in india (it is simplified, stuff usually doesn’t work that simple, but still it forces people to think about it).

so that means: the high number of downvotes decrease the likelyhood the patriarchy in india crumbles. And yes it wouldnt’ be destroyed either way, because it is a slow process to destroy patriarchy - but still the discussion is important.

when you actually want to destroy patriarchy, showing solidarity when people complain about patriarchy is the most basic thing you can do to help.

thanks. :)

Please note that my comments were mostly reactions to @Brattea@lemmy.ml, not to the woman in the blog post.

ah thanks.

They (Brattea, not the blogger) were complaining about downvotes, and that stuff is so non-constructive and childish I had to react. I know now, I fell for it again. I responded to online bait.

Yes. and i reacted to you to show that @Brattea@lemmy.ml, is not alone, to show solidarity. Non-constructive answers (for instance trolling, shitposting, making puns of things, saying people like things.) are also very common comments and my impression is that you don’t care about regular non-constructive comments but only about Brattea’s complaint of the lack of solidarity.

Oh for Jack’s sake! That is absolutely not what anybody you (and Brattea) are arguing with were actually writing! Fallacies are fun I guess. :(

well true, but it is a very common reaction.

As said before, in many places in the world this is all woven into far more complex problems, whereof the solution is probably also far more complex.

that is also true.

They are marginalising folk and are no actual solution to anything.

the actual solution would be to read many books how patriarchy works in modern societies. which i do regularly - altough i am not experiencing sexual harassment/sexism and read about patriarchy because i want to show solidarity and avoid common pitfalls in dealing with sexual harassment and sexism.

if we had a constructive and thoughtful conversation in FOSS about sexism and structrucal patriarchy, i woulnd’t complain, but we don’t have that.

well i agree that india has a reputation being quite patriarchical, but reputation is misleading: also germany has patriarchical structures but has no wide pubilc reputation for that. it is surely different in intensity, but still in germany 1/3 of women experience sexual violence in their live. as structural problems are always different in every country, it doesn’t make much sense to highlight those of india.

i mean, i probably wouldn’t complain if you used a different wording and showed solidirarity with the author, while linking to for instance an queerfeminst blog entry describing how the patriarchical strucutres in india makes the live of queerfeminist (and also men who do are not considered to be manly) worse.

i wouldn’t say much when you would show interest in fixing those issues, for instance also by explaining that you are part of awareness teams of conferences where people can show up when they experience any sort of harassment. i wouldn’t say much when i could trust you having a deep understanding of awareness related work.

what i don’t understand: FOSS has big conferences where people around the world join together. it could happen that a women from US visists a debconf or something in india, and also a women from anywhere visists a conference where male, patriarchic people from india attend. For both people this post would be very interesting and it leaves a bad impression that you downvoted (probably).

another point:

when people describe a bad experience, it is usually very helpful to show symphathy with their bad experience. For instance if a person hurts their foot, it is only natural to wish they get better soon. It makes feel people better. However, if you respond with “don’t complain that much, it surely isn’t hurting that much.” other people won’t describe similar problems because they remember your response and fear to receive a similar response when posting their experience.

that is “Solidarity”.

women are underrepresented in FOSS and tech in general. so when they experience bad stuff, it leaves a bad impression seeing that nothing has strucutrally changed.

the FOSS scene in india is quite big. i think it usually doesn’t make much sense to differentiate experiences on country: you wouldn’t do that when the country would be netherland or germany, i guesss. Only in india, it matters.

different exmaple: when some male person from india publishes for instance an article about tech things in FOSS (for instance a new feature they have been working on) it wouldn’t make much sense to highlight the country, it would be only natural to think this person as part of the FOSS scene. why is this case different?

especially we male tech people should learn how the patriarchy works so we can both avoid being patriarchic assholes and also show better solidarity when women and queer people criticize behavior

yes i am from germany, and yes i know in countries like afghanistan with taliban lead, women have worse rights, but i still think we should fight in rich and modern countries for feminist politics even though women aren’t executed when they don’t want to wear a hijab.

but still: even in germany many women are killed for being women, but the media doesn’t explain the roots in patriarchy and instead explains it like an “dramatic accident”. it doesn’t explain that about 1/3 of women in germany have experienced sexual violence and it doesn’t draw the connection to how men grow up learning to think in a patriarchic way.

when sexualized violence or sexual harassment happens everyone is shocked and shortly afterwards everything is forgotten again. either that or people want to know exactly what happened so that they can explain the victim what they experienced was not sexual harassment or sexual violence because the (usually male) persons think they know better.

for being such a rich country we still have much to do.

many people do exactly that, for instance haecksen.org in germany. This is the reason for safe spaces to exist. That people can just enjoy hacking on some technical problems without some annoyingly sexist persons interrupting that enjoyment.

But it is a problem people have to create their own safe spaces to enjoy the tech scene. For instance, i remember on CCC many women complained that people randomly touched their body and this is just annoying.

the problem is not women complaining about sexism, it is men who don’t understand they act sexist

reading recommendation: I want to contribute to your project, how do I start?

(essence is: look for things you already use/like or explore new things like a new window manager or what not. and then look for things that are missing and implement them or fix bugs you notice.)

Actual working-class democracy is so incomprehensible to westerners that they can’t imagine a system that’s responsive to its people without riots. This is because governments are not neutral, multi-party bourgeois democracies are in fact capitalist dictatorships, while one-party socialist states are worker’s dictatorships. I suggest reading this thread on worker’s congresses to learn about just one such organ of China’s responsive democracy.

please, don’t call me westerner, altough i live in such a country. This term doesn’t differentiate between any political spectrum and simplifies a lot. Please don’t use it, at least not for me.

For instance i organize in some leftist anarchocommunist organization and therefore i know how alternative decision making systems can work. I have experienced difficult times where these alternative form of organizing can survive. (so no power abuse and such).

So its not about lack of imagination, its about trust. Belief in anarchism means for me the belief that every person with big power probably will abuse this power in some kind of another. I don’t think this is different in any countries.

An actual example from i think soviet russia: i think emma goldman as well as other anarchists have visited the early days of the russian revolution (so i refer here to a book from 1924). There, she writes that there have been some politicial disputes in the communist party and instead of solving them with good consensus the bolshewiki tried to remove those people from power positions.

The above mentioned anarchocommunist organization has not done that even with heavy conflicts. That’s the reason i trust them.

But i don’t trust regular stalinist/leninist organizations because they have the political history of solving dispute with power abuse. I don’t trust them because the only way of preventing power abuse from any person is to simply not give one person much political power. That’s the reason why i don’t trust stalinist/leninist organizations, because they usually have a very centralist strategic approach.

I don’t trust them because they have a strong belief that their viewpoint is the correct one, for instance when i view the work of the local Marxist leninist party. So when faced with criticism, instead of trying to understand the criticism and fixing it, they react with “this divides leftists”.

Because of this political history, i have deep deep trust problems. It’s not about excluding rich people (that would be fine for me), it’s about actual decision making power by workers.

The NPC is currently 25% women, so they do have some work yet to do in that area.

I am not sure who “they” refers to, but in case it is women: i disagree, i see the most responsibility in the people having most power. Xi Jinping or Li Keqiang could stepping down from their position with the condition that a poor working class female worker can fulfill this position.

But they don’t do it because then they would have much less political influence. And that is what i mean by political power. Xi Jinping or Li Keqiang have political power and they use it for their moral beliefs, as long as they don’t loose political power.

That’s the reason why i am anarchist. i think many many people would act very similar as Xi Jinping or Li Keqiang in this position. Therefore the only good alternative is to reduce such positions of power or at least regularly change it.

According to wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_Keqiang this person has had political power for 10 years. That is a very long time, very similar to for instance some western government. So china has to me very similar problems in terms of power and democracy.

Also doing better than the US, Ireland, Greece, and a lot of others. And of course socialist Cuba is the model for all countries to emulate with respect to women’s rights.

Yes, that is no suprise and i completely understand that. But still, i see structural sexism in casea of china because i expect https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_Keqiang or some person in a similar powerful position to be replaced by a female worker.

in the above anarchocommunist organization, it is very common to regularly change positions of power (for instance people talking to the press or something). This is active work against power abuse because people are not used to be in positions of power. But when you are 10 years in the same position of power, this changes your viewpoint.

ah and my question is basically: @muad_dibber@lemmygrad.ml what do you think about what i’ve said above?