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Because briar is much more secure and better.

As any kind of option. I’m French Canadian and I speak German, so it would be super awesome if I didn’t get autocorrected on words that exist in other languages.

TIL that multilingual autocorrect exists.

And, if you really don’t like people that much, there is SSB/Manyverse.

Not too bad. Just got over covid. Wasn’t a terrible case, so I was mostly just stuck at home, bored. On the brighter side, I was able to set up a nextcloud server.

I’m in my 40’s and have very flexible hips. I just kept them limber.

A 1916(?) Draft amendment to the US Constitution would have fixed this. It would have required that war be put to a vote among the general population and those who voted yes must register for the armed forces.

Fallout 4 currently. GTA 5 sporadically too mostly because my wife finds it hilarious.

Don’t even have to. If you complete the circuit farther down the line, it will work the same.

Honestly, it’s trivial to build and program your own. It’s a simple low voltage switch controlled by temperature. Any raspberry Pi or Arduino could do that.

I have a strange feeling that the nuclear weapons he thinks he has (and have to be replaced every few year and probably haven’t) are going to be as effective as that brand new highly advanced super tank that he has but hasn’t bothered to deploy at all.

Sounds like a terrible military strategy to send in your military’s version of the Marx Brothers instead of going in with full, overwhelming force. Perhaps this is Putin trying to use words to dig himself out of the hole he dug?

One of these two countries incarcerates a much larger portion of the population than the other…