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Some people here like to down vote for random nit picky reasons I’ve noticed or because they fanboy over certain topics and hate on anything that questions it. I also noticed people on the internet like to tear at anything, regardless of what they believe just because that’s how they are.

Promoting Google phones is def a major issue I have with it. I just happened to already have one and wanted to continue to use it without all the Google shitware and “services” they force on them. I’m planning on voting with my wallet for my next phone, but I already paid for this hardware and want to use it for as long as I can.

I had no idea these issues existed before I decided to switch to it. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth as well. The only thing that makes me glad is installing Graphene was a stop gap so that I felt comfortable continuing to use this phone. My plan was to switch to something else with my next hardware choice and this helps solidify that decision.

Edit: I’m guessing the downvote is more sock puppet action?

I would love for them to finally be regulated / dismantled.

Yeah, it just gives me a broken link pic with the option to share it or download it. It’s probably because I’m using a mobile client. I’ll check it on my lappy later.

Looks like I’d have to download it to watch it.

Yeah, sorry, I got the answer awhile ago elsewhere. At least it’s here as well now! Thanks!

I made this same criticism myself recently. Gotta get those internet points somehow, I guess…

I agree with you for the most part, but personally voting with my money is more important to me. I’d rather put money into a project that wants to do better rather than into one that doesn’t and hacking it to fit my needs. My hope, as I’ve stated, is by the time I need a new phone the level of service will be a non issue.

Deleting social media is first thing I suggest whenever someone complains about it. Yep, I’m that guy.

I once had a really old lappy that I decided to run only in frame buffer mode. After I got a working mouse (for copy pasta) and screen (for backgrounding) it was actually fairly pleasant. Browsing the web, particularly. Ads are image / video based so those were automatically blocked and if I really wanted to see an image I could. Most websites have a really bad signal to noise ratio that was automaticlly filtered for me. I could even watch videos with mplayer frame buffer support. This person’s whole blog was a huge help:

For sure. I realized about a year ago that using their services wasn’t worth the loss in privacy or the chance that they would close their doors to me and I’d lose everything. Since then it was a slow but steady move to where I am now. I’m just hoping Linux phones make some leaps before this phone is EOL, because I’d like to stop putting money into Android, particularly Google owned Pixels as well.

Is there a community for shower thoughts or something similar?
I had a motivational message I wanted to share.

Because it would have required self hosting. I don’t have a server. I find just sharing my password file for Keepass DX/XD to be a simpler solution in my case. I also didn’t like Bitwarden’s UI anyway.

Hope it has mouse view.

Today I...
... Installed Graphene OS and deleted my Google account. May not seem like a big deal to some, but it was a project long in the making. Decoupling from cloud services / apps that are dependant on GAPPS is surprisingly difficult. It felt really good to delete my account in the end.