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They still are because you see their plan is to invade Russia from the inside. It’s already begun, the Ukrainian military pop in Russia has increased exponentially since the beginning of the war!

Funny you mention that because I was trying to fix the misbooked flights earlier (buying new ones since they won’t change them, the fucking leeches) and I spent so long on the page, they were 20$ extra by the time I got around to buying them.

Thankfully everyone has a smartphone so what you do is go on mobile data to get a fresh IP address, go on the website and buy them there. And I was able to get them at the original price I had seen just 30 minutes earlier. It’s still completely ludicrous that the price of an item can change so much on the whim of the seller.

And there’s something to be said about computers making us even more exploited. We work more, we work longer hours, we even work on weekends now because you’re always reachable through text or email. Yet we are 2.5x more productive than in the 70s. Where did it all go wrong.

I’ll tell you one thing, trips to me seem more hassle than they are worth. It might seem weird that I’m going on one but I have very specific reasons this time that I’d rather not share too far lol. But really, it’s such a mess getting the tickets, getting to the airport, you’re jet lagged, you’re always rushed for time… I get why people like them, but it’s something I could do without. This is my first vacation (like actually travelling) in almost 10 years.

I think the ultimate petty bourgeois dream is to be an expat, but an actual expat and not an immigrant that doesn’t like the word because they’re white lol. Find a spot at your company in an international office and work for them from another country. Then you get to spend several months up to a year and still get paid the same (and due to cost of living differences, make some nice savings).

But I totally agree, travel remains a very privileged act only few can actually do.

Yep, I remember this was widespread enough that plenty of people were talking about it if you googled it at the time. One of the reasons I have never used Paypal unless absolutely necessary. They are not a bank and as such are not subject to banking regulations.

The greatest invention of capitalism has to be personal responsibility. It’s amazing how disconnected we are from each other, each in our own affairs – and if something sucks for you, it’s your own problem. You are responsible for bringing the van back. You are responsible for moving away; whether that is because of a new job, health reasons, safety reasons, it’s not the rental company’s problem, right?

Fucked if you do, fucked if you don’t. I don’t get why people still go on trips when it’s such a fucking cash grab and nobody likes tourists anyway. Nobody. (Except hotels that can extort money from you I guess)

The worst thing about 1970s airlines? They were actually cheaper than they are today for similar service. Prices were fixed so you just had to call the company and make a reservation, you didn’t have to shop around online for hours just to save a few bucks. All tickets were fully refundable. You got two 70 pound bags, now you might have to pay to get one 50 pound bag. And so if you add up everything today to get the same service, you will pay more money than people did back in the 70s. It’s an obfuscated lie from the airline companies that fares were more expensive back in the day.

I don’t understand what the chain gets out of this rather than just developing an app on a screen?

Lol, I’m also tall and I tend to slouch a bit because I want to be on other people’s level. I think we just have to accept that we’re taller and stand up straight, I have to remind myself.

This might seem petty bourgeois and tell me if you think it is, but I started ordering my groceries over (not from the gig economy but from the chains themselves who use the national postal service to deliver) and I have never moved back. I started doing it because I got into a situation where I did not have my driver’s license at the time and lived in a so-called “bedroom town” with no amenities, and this was the only realistic option.

I have only had benefits from getting my groceries delivered. I get to keep an eye on my budget, I’ve reduced impulsive purchases, it’s freeing up a lot of time that I would otherwise spend waiting in line or navigating the store. I understand that I’m depending on the labour of others to deliver food that I could go get myself but I also think this is freeing and reduces labour (no word on how the deliverers, who work in the afternoons and evenings, manage their own grocery shopping and this would definitely need to be clarified). In this way I’m reminded of Kollontai’s Family and communism about socialised labour.

It also prevents me from taking the car out just to get groceries for myself, although I don’t know if their minivan (they deliver idk how many homes in one trip) is more efficient.

So yeah definitely recommend getting deliveries instead of actually going into stores.

What is Marxism, and what is it not: an explanation

With the many account requests that we’ve had, I noticed that more than a few of our new members say themselves they don’t really understand Marxism in their applications. I’m taking this opportunity then to help them out with this. …


George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia

Orwell was a colonial cop who later on kept a list of “crypto-communists” and “anti-white” personalities that he gave to the British gov. It’s come to a point where there are serious allegations he was an informant even during his time in Catalonia. That’s the kind of thing I mean by siding with the bourgeoisie. But I am not talking about the Spanish revolution, I am talking about you as an anarchist in this comment section, and more generally all anarchists I’ve met.

I appreciate that. I was simply pointing out that your articles are very poor: either no sources or very shaky sources. You could do a better propaganda job if you put your heart to it

What sources should we have decrying anarchism as what it really is? Any marxist analysis of anarchism will ultimately lead to that same conclusion, quoting someone about it would only be a formality. This backhanded compliment does not faze me or any of our editors; we are not here to appeal to anarchists, we are here as a proletarian encyclopedia. We are a handful of volunteer editors and do not have the means Wikipedia (which you seem to be fond of) has, nor do we claim to. Our recent changes page is filled with edits every day, we’ll get around to adding things to the article on anarchism when we get to it. Decrying it as imperfect and thus faulty does not solve anything; it is better to publish something viable than not publish at all.

Here is the link you were interested in:

anarchists siding with the bourgeoisie against the mean tankies, what else is new? prolewiki is a proletarian encyclopedia, we do not hide the fact that we are marxist-leninists and that we reject anarchism as a petty-bourgeois, counter-revolutionary ideology. You are free to make your anarchist encyclopedia if you want to.

Edit: Zapatistas are not anarchists, and they have been saying that for decades. I know anarchists have nothing else to cling to, but it’s really appropriating to have them keep claiming the Zapatistas are anarchists when the movement themselves have had to put out press releases and articles explaining to please stop calling them anarchist.

You are what I expect someone who calls themselves a wikipedia editor to be lol. Cheers.

lmao okay defend the Ayn Rand libertarian website if you want, what do you want me to tell you?

Are you white and male by chance?

Wikipedia is not volunteer run… They’re using language to make it seem like it’s a little website with a dream being bullied by the mean Russians. Wikipedia is run by its administrators, who do not let anyone else encroach on their power. 3 editors are responsible for most edits (I want to say 90%). Famously there is one editor that edits from 6 am to 10pm every day without fail (mostly pro war edits) , and the most prolific editor worked as a TSA and ICE agent terrorizing migrants.

We’re doing the best we can to approve the applications as fast as possible, but there’s a lot of them!

The war crimes of Zelensky: trying to make a list
  • Armed civilians without giving them a uniform. Breach of Geneva Conventions
  • Ukrainian special forces command said Russian artillerymen will no longer be taken prisoner and will “all be killed for being complicit in criminal orders”. Killing surrendering …

NATO's goal (and by extension the imperialist masters) is to starve Russia out

With the war, they believe they finally have that opportunity to strike at Russia like they have been wanting to for hundreds of years now. …


Just received a calendar from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC

Through a friend whose mom is Chinese, I don’t really know why they received it, probably because they’re a minority and the embassy is trying to reestablish ties with their diaspora (they don’t have a Chinese passport as you can’t have double nationality with the PRC) …


Marxism (and by extension communism) is not moralistic and does not need to take morality into account

This was probably a huge milestone for me when I realised it. Marxism does not talk about morality at all, it’s irrelevant to the practice of communism. We can defend communism as a system and (one of) the logical result of the class contradictions in capitalism without ever resorting to morality. …


Why socialists must defend China (even if you disagree with the CPC)

(I was a bit pressed writing this and might revisit it later) …


I need a solution to MIRROR my PC to my TV like having 2 monitors that are duplicated (Windows and Android TV)

I used to have a “dumb” TV and a 10m long HDMI cable running from my PC to the TV which allowed me to pick it as a source. Then on Windows 10 I’d just duplicate my screen and tada, I could watch anything on my TV – and control my PC with a wireless mouse and keyboard I’d keep close to the TV. …


To become a communist in the west, you must struggle with uncomfortable beliefs you own

There are no two ways about it. When you started this path you probably had your mind blown at all the cool new things you learned. The class struggle, dialectical materialism, historical materialism… you probably started questioning everything around you, how come we live in neoliberal hellholes?..


What's a good FOSS PDF reader/editor you recommend?

Looking online, google seems to think open source = free (as in price), so thanks for that google. …


Palestine-Israel conflict May 2021 Megathread [General strike underway in the West Bank]

I figured since the situation is still ongoing, a megathread may be easier to follow. …


Breadtube was a mistake

Seriously. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the summer but these breadtube kids are popping up everywhere these last few weeks. …