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Are there any communities you’d like to see here but not have to moderate?
When you create a community on Lemmy you automatically become the mod of that community. Is that stopping you from creating one? If so, which communities would you like to see here?

New users look here
Welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself here in the c/main channel if you'd like.

What’s happens if, like mastodon and matrix, 99% of ppl only use the handful of the biggest Lemmy servers?
let's address the possibility that like mastodon/matrix 99% of ppl will flock to the biggest handful of servers What is the real value of decentralization given that? Outside of like political unrest. And what role do small servers really do in that landscape? Obv "novelty" servers like midov cater to the like lolicon enthusiasts and I'm sure there are a few other servers dedicated to illegal things. Regional severs are quite compatible with various nationalists/patriots

Morning all!
Looks like another poor air quality day today. Be safe, drink (water) and take care of yourself.

It’s Monday.
How are we all doing?

Stanley Cup Playoffs
Who's everyone rooting for in the Stanley cup? As a Blue Jackets fan I'm a bit conflicted LOL. I'd prefer neither of these teams win but i guess if i had to pick it would be vegas... I just don't think i can watch our former star goalie win a cup with another team.

> The most difficult part of the new rule is allowing parents to challenge the aged designation of any item in the library. Some libraries are receiving lists of 100 or more books and challenges overall are increasing, Moeller said. “Most of the items being included in these lists relate to identity, race or sexual orientation,” she said. “What we really seeing is the ones that relate to identity are being called ‘inappropriate.’”

Database maintenance tonight
Hello, you've probably experienced slowness and timeouts recently and I'm going to try to fix it by backing up the DB, blowing it away, and then recreating it from backup. Wish me luck.

![]( How's everybody doing this hump day eve?

Just curious, why is the profile icon missing MO and KS?
Just wondering why the "midwest" icon leaves off part of the midwest.

Good morning all!
Just a general greeting, well wishing, and a reminder to stay hydrated and safe!

The Pirates are close, and have been for a while, but we're still in the lead for post season! Any thoughts on the team so far?

Open Streets Minneapolis has its first event of the year this weekend: East Lake Street from 2nd Ave S to 22nd Ave S this Saturday. For those unfamiliar with the event, "Open Streets Minneapolis is part of a global movement to make streets places that put people first. During these free, family-friendly events, local nonprofit Our Streets Minneapolis partners with the City of Minneapolis to temporarily close major thoroughfares to car traffic, opening them to people biking, walking, rolling, and connecting with neighbors and local businesses. Open Streets Minneapolis events help us experience streets as public spaces where communities thrive. Congested city streets become vibrant, pedestrian-friendly boulevards where people can dream, play, and explore. Open Streets Minneapolis events aim to fundamentally change in how people think about their city streets."

ms startup app rabbithole 7368
trying to remove some crap that isn't even in the registry. Common Software Updater Old job habit I should kick

The Blue Jackets announced Tuesday that they acquired defenseman Ivan Provorov from the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for the No. 22 overall pick in the 2023 NHL Draft and a conditional second-round pick in either 2024 or 2025 in a three-team trade that included the Los Angeles Kings.

Anyone have any spots to add to the list?

What communities do you frequent outside of
Just curious what people have found so far.

Now is the worst time of year for poison Ivy exposure in Wisconsin


In today's "No Shit Sherlock" news... I guess it's always good that they "run reports" on this stuff, however. Then maybe someday they can continue to do not much about it.

In Missouri, more school districts try to suspend licenses of teachers who break contracts
> Missouri teachers who quit their jobs on short notice face increasingly severe consequences, as school districts facing staffing shortages impose financial penalties as high as $10,000 or seek to suspend the teaching licenses of teachers who break their contracts.

Someone dumped their extras on us and I don't have a plot dug, so in some buckets they go. I have grown Romas and Habaneros in double-bucket self-watering planters before, but I didn't have enough buckets this year. This is only half of the plants we got, I passed the rest on to my parents. They are: 2x Serranos, a Jalapeno, a Sweet Black Hungarian, and a Bell pepper. Also 2x "heirloom mix" tomatoes, 1 Roma, 2x Abe Lincoln and a mystery tomato .

"Forbes Contributor" (read: blogger) says STL is the "most exciting emerging arts district", then goes on to describe art & culture... that we've always historically had? 🤔

I've seen these guys floating around on various sites, retailing for around $40 USD, but that was always too expensive for something that I figured would be sub-par. About a month ago, I saw one on eBay for $8, new and in the box. So here we are! This little guy is delightfully crappy! It is bad in ways that make me giggle and add a little something to my smile. I've seen a lot of people assume that these are clones of the fx-6300G, but they just use the same screen. If it is Casio firmware, it has been modified beyond recognition. The first thing I found that made me laugh was how much this calculator loves the number 4. It will randomly decide that any button that you pressed was actually a mistake and you meant to press 4. Arrow key? 4. 9? 4. I feel like a two year-old with a jack-in-the-box using this thing. Oh! And don't go typing too quickly, either. Sometimes it will decide not to register key presses that are too close together. Its speed, accuracy, and precision are pretty close to the Casio fx-7700G from the early 90s. Even though it is graphing a very limited number of pixels, it still takes a while to output a simple sine wave. It can do integrations that are vastly more accurate than the busted ones that Sharps output, but they take forever. I'm very happy to own this calculator, but I'm also happy that I spent less than $10 on it.

cross-posted from: > *. . .* > >*In a meta-analysis published June 5 in the journal Current Biology, scientists estimate that as much as 13.12 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) fixed by terrestrial plants is allocated to mycorrhizal fungi annually—roughly equivalent to 36% of yearly global fossil fuel emissions.* > >*Because 70% to 90% of land plants form symbiotic relationships with mycorrhizal fungi, researchers have long surmised that there must be a large amount of carbon moving into the soil through their networks.* > >*"We always suspected that we may have been overlooking a major carbon pool," says author Heidi Hawkins, research lead at Conservation South Africa and research associate on plant-soil-microbe interactions at the University of Cape Town. "Understandably, much focus has been placed on protecting and restoring forests as a natural way to mitigate climate change. But little attention has been paid to the fate of the vast amounts of carbon dioxide that are moved from the atmosphere during photosynthesis by those plants and sent below ground to mycorrhizal fungi."* > > *. . .*

Promote your favorite restaurant!
I'm looking for some good non-chain restaurants. Someplace you take guests while they're visiting. Something with character! Whether that character is in the food, or the building. What do you recommend?

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