Fresh Lemmy UI Fork - 502 Bad Gateway error
Hello again, -For the past 7 months, I’ve been building some new UI features (on Lemmy-UI 15.4). -I will manually add these features to a fresh fork of Lemmy-UI 16.7 (to offer them in a pull request). ** **THE SETUP and ERROR** 1. I made a fresh ansible install, on a fresh ubuntu 20.04 server - the Lemmy instance runs perfectly. 2. I made a fresh fork of the 16.7 Lemmy-UI. 3. I built a docker-image of that forked UI, and loaded it via docker-compose (here is my [docker-image.yml build file]( ). Now I am getting a “502 Bad Gateway - nginx” error (the site does not load). NGINX error log shows: ``` connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client:, server:, request: "GET / HTTP/2.0", upstream: "", host: "" ``` - Nginx config has not been modified (but here is the config anyway - [ggg.conf]( - Docker log is clean. ** **THE QUESTION** Is there an Environment Variable I must set to make a forked UI load? (to connect front-end and back-end) Here are the Env Vars I’ve tried (in various combinations/values): ``` lemmy-ui: image: ggg/ui2:latest ports: - "" restart: always environment: - LEMMY_INTERNAL_HOST=lemmy:8536 - - LEMMY_HTTPS=true - LEMMY_UI_HTTPS=true - LEMMY_UI_LEMMY_INTERNAL_HOST=lemmy:8536 - - LEMMY_UI_DISABLE_CSP=true # - LEMMY_UI_LEMMY_WS_HOST=lemmy:8536 # - LEMMY_UI_HOST= ``` here is [the full docker-compose.yml]( (only changed Env Vars) ** SUMMARY: -What could be causing this "502 Gateway" error on a fresh Lemmy UI fork? -Is there an Environment Variable I must set to run the forked UI? (to connect front-end and back-end) If you have an idea, I will very much appreciate it.

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