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Welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself here in the c/main channel if you'd like.

Best camping spots?
Been all over Michigan and love their camping locations! Anyone want to share their favorites if they don't mind? Been camping in the western portion near Manistee and also all the way east near the border, to up in the UP. So no where is too far!

Tilde.Club: I had a couple drinks and woke up with 1,000 nerds
The beautiful, intimate origin story of the tildes community

New community: Michigan
I was asked to create a Michigan community and so I did!

Any leftists in Michigan?
Hello comrades, Are there any other leftists on this server who live in Michigan?

New community: Frutiger Aero
[!]( A community dedicated to the glossy, glassy aesthetic of the 2000s, Frutiger Aero

Breaking Free of Kindle Unlimited - A Digital Garden
Great study into capitalism, and the need to own the means of production

24/7 streaming Vaporwave with Chat room

Shout out to @jackfromwisconsin
Thank you, [](, for posting content here. I know it's pretty quiet, but I enjoy seeing your contributions!

MFW Microwave business is a drop-shipping business

Question on Bicycles
Would it be more Eco Friendly to get an old, extremely rusted bicycle serviced up properly, or to just buy a new bicycle?