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    4 months ago

    An Ibis article could probably just be considered a post to Lemmy. At least for a read-only view from Lemmy. The questions are: 1. How to show attribution/authorship and 2. Can articles be started or edited on Lemmy?

    For 1, probably makes the most sense to show ‘Last edited by XYZ on date.time’. showing more than 1 author gets complicated and would probably be better served by a hyperlink to ibis itself.

    For 2, it probably shouldn’t be possible. Maybe a workaround could be that ibis and Lemmy could (optionally) have a unified login system - so your Lemmy account would be good for an Ibis account if your admins chose to install ibis alongside Lemmy.

  • Absolute Bullshit. The closure of the branch campuses, which bring the UW to rural Wisconsin, is a failure on the state and on the Universities of Wisconsin (formerly UW System). Thousands of students across wisconsin would not get the life-changing, fulfilling, career-opening education they fucking deserve if all of these branch campuses close.

    What is next after the rest of the UW branch campuses close? Bye-bye UW Parkside? UW Superior? UW Platteville?

    We can fund these colleges, we just haven’t been. It is about god-damn time that our legislature has a spine and promises to fund these colleges, and to re-open the closed ones, for the future. While you’re at it, make tuition free at these colleges. The state has more than enough money. Help those who need it.