Advice on language learning for an old man

After getting fired by my corporate job, three weeks before my NYC sublet lease expired, I decided, hastily to run away. PR was the furthest I could get without worrying about working laws…so I went for it, and honestly, I love it! …

Which firefox fork is the best choice for privacy?

So many options, so many opinions… …

How do you (easily) respect boundaries?

For me, trying to respect boundaries tires me out more. idk why. …

How do you deal with executive dysfunction?

I usually just ignore societal rules and only do activities that I want or need to do…

If the death rate of smallpox is 30%, and apparently ‘majority’ of the Indigenous people there died from smallpox, how did their population decline by 90%?..

Why is my feed not loading right now?

Why is my feed not loading right now?..

User Interaction Data

Does anyone know if it’s possible to download/scrape the username, number of posts, and number of comments for every account on this instance? …

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