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  • This thread has been reported to us. I’ve temporarily made the decision to keep it (other mods; feel free to override). While the question could have been phrased a hell of a lot better (“what are your favourite bands that people don’t get the real meaning of?”), its a valid question and doesn’t quite fall into the “offensive” rule.

    Community: please stay civil. The fact that a song can be political does not mean it is worth debating if it’s politics are correct. If discussion significantly devolves into personal attacks, bans will be issued regardless of partisanship.

  • For posterity, the post in reference is this

    Why are community subscriber counts different when watched from different instances?

    I created two accounts on two different instances and all the communities I see have different subscriber counts depending from which account I look. Why does that happen and how can I see the real subscriber count?

    i’m having trouble understanding how this isn’t a support request. It’s a (Why|How) <confusion with lemmy that has a single answer>.

    . This seems to be a post that would help many understand

    Yeah, all the support posts are like this. We get the same five over and over, but this community is not for support. I wouldn’t keep questions about knitting in !woodworking@lemmy.ca because they are helpful. This is simply not the place, unfortunately.

    Why do you think it’s not a support post?