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Why is recruiting the way it is?

Look - I don’t need a job. My job is great, the pay is good, manager buys me stuff, but recruiters still hit up my Linkedin a couple times a month and I say pretty much the same thing - …

Why Download Free Ringtones For Your iPhone?

Why Download Free Ringtones For Your iPhone? A Free samsung zil sesleri For Android Phone App is available to all android users. If you like this application, share and vote for this application to your friends as well. I really appreciate a…

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How to prepare for a programming interview?

I applied for a job as a software developer in an IT company. The next step in the recruitment process after the first interview is a programming interview. This programming interview is said to include a programming-related puzzle to be solved during the interview. What would be the best ways to pr…

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General Programming Discussion

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