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To be fair, it’s not like regular people living under western regimes have much of a say. Look at all the protests the French are doing, the regime doesn’t care.

People in Europe are currently discovering these first hand.

It’s a pretty incredible interview, the most amazing part was just how utterly unprepared she was. The part where she started describing coups as democracy was pretty hilarious though.

Chinese scientists are about to launch three different lines of sodium-powered cars. They will be cheaper than regular cars or electric vehicles.
Three Chinese firms, BYD, Chery and JAC, plan on releasing these next-generation sodium-ion cars for public sale later this year. Downside of sodium batteries is shorter range of 200 to 300 kilometres compared to 300 and 500 for lithium batteries. That’s perfect for people whose main journeys are to work or school or to nearby towns, but who don’t make road trips across the country.

Being an utter ignoramus is sort of a prerequisite for being a liberal. Once a person learns a modicum of history, then it quickly becomes impossible to reconcile reality with liberal ideology.

it’s the result of the selection pressures inherent in the capitalist system because profitability is the sole fitness function that the company is evaluated on. Capitalism rewards psychopathic behaviour since people have to be willing to exploit others to become successful. Anybody who would try to run an ethical company would quickly find it impossible to compete with business owners who are willing to brutally exploit their workers.

yeah it’s kinda gross to see how current oligarchs in Russia try to shamelessly appropriate Soviet legacy they helped destroy, fuck those guys

A great read, the point regarding lack of meaningful organization around common goals can’t be stressed enough. Liberal world view convinced majority of the people to view everything from an individualist perspective, and this is at odds with building actual political power.

China is already starting to produce small batches of 5nm chips, so now it’s just a matter of scaling up production. I expect that within a few years China will start pulling ahead of the west in terms of chip production.

What’s even more wild is that many Americans are convinced that they have the best healthcare in the world.

I often wonder what I’d be doing if I wasn’t forced to choose a career that’s marketable. I’m good at what I do, but I don’t find it’s really my passion.

Seems like they ended up victims of their own propaganda in the end where they assumed that Chinese companies weren’t capable of developing their own tech and were just stealing from the brilliant US companies.

That’s a really good observation, China is much more willing to actually share their technology with the world.

I got into nature photography a few years ago, and it’s been a really fun hobby. It gets me out of the house, and I’ve discovered a lot of local wild life that I didn’t know about. I post some pictures here.

I’ve been lucky enough not to work at any place that relies on MS stack for a while.

I really can’t see myself using windows ever again, I haven’t for over a decade now and there’s nothing I miss. I also find that Open Office works well enough, GIMP and Krita are great alternatives to stuff like Photoshop.

It takes stunning amounts of historical illiteracy for people to believe that capitalism is a beneficial system for humanity. Most people who promote capitalism have absolutely no idea what the actual effects of this system are.

Absolutely, this is hoarded space that would be far better utilized as parks or community centres.

Nobody complained when Huawei was banned with zero proof of wrongdoing.

Basically it’s saying that Yoon it driving Korea towards war on the encouragement of Biden admin.

I mean capitalism has to be abolished regardless of how we tackle housing. :)

Completely agree, and it’s important to note that there are lots of quality of life benefits to well designed microdistricts where you can have parks, shops, entertainment venues, and so on, all within walking distance.

It will never cease to amaze me how much people in North America despise apartment living. Getting a house seems to be a life goal here.

basically if you want to do something privately then don’t use a computer

I’m just glad I practically never have to print anything these days, all printers are terrible in my experience. I find laser printers are the least worst though since the toner tends to last forever.

The main issue is that the approach is too naive. Organic tissue has blood vessels that bring nutrients and oxygen to the cells while removing waste. This is what allows tissue to grow in three dimensions. When you just have a bunch of cells in a vat, then cells in the middle of the mass have no way to get nutrients or dispose of waste. The other big problem is the lack of an immune system, so any contaminant can quickly grow in this substrate.

A better approach could be to try growing a more complex organic system that includes muscle tissue and maybe even organs such as heart and kidneys. I imagine this is a solvable problem, but it might not be the best approach.

A different approach I saw was to modify plants to produce meat like tissue. People have been playing around with this approach as seen here. That seems a lot more promising to me because growing plants is a lot easier than trying to culture cells in a vat.

It’s almost certain that all telecom companies do this.