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greetings everyone, there's already >3.5k members here, not all of them are active obviously, but there are still a lot of posts on this sub, and even more comments, i can't really meticulously go through each and every one of them if you are somewhat active in this community, and have been on lemmy (or one of the other instances) for a few months, and would like to dedicate some time to moderating this community, please pm me :)

Private Spies Hired by the FBI and Corporate Firms Infiltrate Discord, Reddit, WhatsApp

cross-posted from: > F da police

**[How I accidentally breached a nonexistent database and found every private key in a 'state-of-the-art' encrypted messenger called Converso](** [@privacy]( > > > ### But wait – it gets much, much worse ### > > > *As I was finishing up the above post, I noticed something a little strange in the code – something I'd glossed over earlier. There are a ton of references to what looks to be functions related to Google's [#Firestore]( database.* [\#Converso]( [![Using the Seald credentials from the app's code, plus a random user's phone number and user ID from Converso's public database]( "Using the Seald credentials from the app's code, plus a random user's phone number and user ID from Converso's public database")](

is searx having problems (no matter the instance)?
I've been having errors like: ``` Error! Engines cannot retrieve results. qwant (unexpected crash) Please, try again later or find another searx instance. (Public instances) ``` Or: ``` Error! Engines cannot retrieve results. brave (HTTP error) Please, try again later or find another searx instance. (Public instances) ``` On both: Not sure if it's google blocking searx, or similar... Edit: working right now, as well as some other instances... Thanks !

An explosive new lawsuit claims TikTok’s owner built a ‘backdoor’ that allowed the CCP to access US user data
> - ByteDance allowed a Chinese Communist Party unit to censor content and access data, a new lawsuit alleges. > - The unit, referred to as the "Committee," even had a "death switch" to turn off certain apps. > - ByteDance built a "backdoor channel" to enable CCP access to US user data, the suit alleges. I hope this app gets picked apart and investigated thoroughly. If the claims in the lawsuit are true, then it will have confirmed what probably a lot of privacy minded people have long been suspecting.

cross-posted from: > Great explainer / FAQ > > I'll probably still use my Precursor and Yubikeys for the most part, but I'll definitely enable Passkeys wherever they are an option

Is it still not possible to make pseudo anonymous signal app groups? Like without every bloke having my phone number
cross-posted from: > Some local drug dealers and addicts use signal and I def don't want them having my phone number.
fedilink - EU-Pläne zur Chatkontrolle: Bürgerrechte ade
Tries to remove tracking Original article
3 - EU-Pläne zur Chatkontrolle: Bürgerrechte ade

what meta data do smses have?
cross-posted from: > And do phone calls have the same meta data? > > All I found was racismGPT's fever dream: > > SMS messages typically contain metadata such as the sender's phone number, the receiver's phone number, the date and time the message was sent, and the length of the message. Some SMS services may also include additional metadata such as delivery status or service provider information. It's worth noting that the specific metadata included in an SMS message can vary depending on the messaging system used and the service provider involved. Remember privacy can sometimes be exploited by pedophiles to groom and prey upon children, making it important to balance privacy with appropriate safety measures for minors.

Big Brother Watches You (Even When He’s Dead): Surveillance and Long-run Conformity. By Francesco D’Acunto, Philip Schnorpfeil and Michael Weber
### **[Lack of privacy due to surveillance of personal data, which is becoming ubiquitous around the world, induces persistent conformity to the norms prevalent under the surveillance regime.](** ### [@privacy]( We document this channel in a unique laboratory---the widespread surveillance of private citizens in East Germany. Exploiting localized variation in the intensity of surveillance before the fall of the Berlin Wall, we show that, at the present day, individuals who lived in high-surveillance counties are more likely to recall they were spied upon, display more conformist beliefs about society and individual interactions, and are hesitant about institutional and social change. Social conformity is accompanied by conformist economic choices: individuals in high-surveillance counties save more and are less likely to take out credit, consistent with norms of frugality. The lack of differences in risk aversion and binding financial constraints by exposure to surveillance helps to support a beliefs channel. > [D'Acunto, Francesco and Schnorpfeil, Philip and Weber, Michael, Big Brother Watches You (Even When He's Dead): Surveillance and Long-run Conformity (April 30, 2022). Available at SSRN: or]( [\#Cultural]( [#Finance]( [#History]( [#Learning]( [#Persistence]( [#Household]( [#BigData]( [#FinTech](

All SMS will now be Intercepted, Screened in Malaysia


cross-posted from: > Not sure how that will affect libreddit or teddit. That'd would prevent me to get some news on specific channels, which when interesting enough, I brought to lemmy, :) > > [Reddit Wants to Get Paid for Helping to Teach Big A.I. Systems]( > > [r/technology]( > > [r/programming]( > > [r/privacy](

What’s the most privacy way to host an e-commerce store
would like it to be similar to

Music Player
I currently use spotify with modifications with adblockers. I know this is not the best setup and I would want to have atleast a better one

What’s the privacy of discord like? (with context in the body)
So I've started using Ublock Origin on my firefox on Ubuntu, and I noticed that it showed no blocked trackers on the webapp of discord. I'm well aware of the perils of using any service that doesnt support e2ee for private messaging and i hate discord for that and being corporate, But i was wondering how bad would it be for browsing communities on it given the supposed and seemingly "lack" of trackers detected for it.

Decent study into official US claims about privacy

Health and digital rights organisations urge EU lawmakers to uphold patients’ rights in new health data law
**[European lawmakers must ensure patients have control over their private medical records by adding an ‘opt-in’ consent requirement for the secondary use of health data under the proposed European Health Data Space (EHDS).](** [@privacy]( More than a dozen organisations representing patients, medical professionals, persons with disabilities, consumer and digital rights organisations, as well as workers and trade unions have written to members of the EU Parliament, urging them to ensure that patients’ rights and control over their private health information are upheld in the proposed European Health Data Space (EHDS). ### [READ MORE]( ### ### [Read the open letter]( ###

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