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Revolt is an amazing project and has a lot of great energy behind it, but one must not forget the issue that is scale. Discord is absolutely humongous, serving millions of concurrent users with pretty good performance overall. I’d love to see Revolt reach such userbase, but realistically, two 2nd year CS students are unlikely to get there. For a platform to reach such volume there needs to be money, which is likely to come with strings attached. Though what you say is true – Revolt has strong open-source roots while Discord has always been a VC fueled company, so I’ll keep my hopes hehe

Regarding Nitro, I agree it is a bit too much, but I actually think a subscription of sorts with bigger upload limits, streaming quality and so on (the original point of Nitro) is a pretty nice model to sustain a platform since it helps cover the cost of all needed infrastructure. Of course, Discord Nitro has since gained a lot of extra fluff and nothing impedes Discord from both selling a subscription and our data (which they’re likely to do), but the premise is quite reasonable.

kekw Gotta love the classics hehe

Like others have said, on Discord the data rests entirely on their servers, without E2EE (so completely visible to them). They claim not to sell any data to anyone on their privacy policy (at least last time I checked, might not be up to date), and if you believe that (which isn’t entirely unreasonable, though I’d find it unlikely) the platform is probably more decent than the other giants. It also lets you browse communities without a real account (you can just open the browser app with a guest temporary account by just giving a name), which is really neat for exploring certain communities, as you were saying.

Now, I’d like to add a couple of points.
First, it’s easy to dismiss this because of the general anti-privacy stance regarding Discord, but it is absolutely undeniable that they have the absolute best platform to run and manage an online community based on chats. They have, in my opinion (and I’ve tried nearly every platform that is remotely known), the best implementation of text and voice channels, reactions, roles, onboarding, events, statistics and bots as well. Guilded was (is?) an excellent platform in terms of features as well, but they lack the massive network effect Discord carries, which is another undeniable big factor. As much as I dislike it, the network effect is really strong and, in my experience, with exception of very close friend circles and generally privacy-oriented folks, realistically adopting other alternatives is really tough.
Second, the corporate feel you mention is a bit lost on me. Certainly they are not as down-to-earth as some community-run projects can be, however they are visibly better than similar platforms like Slack.

Why all this? Am I a Discord shill?
Quite far from it. I don’t like them, nor do I hate them. Hate is a pretty strong word which unfortunately is thrown around quite a lot in topics as this one. Discord is really not ideal from a privacy perspective but let’s not completely disregard its many merits. I find that more often than not, conversations in pro-privacy circles revolve around hating on companies and platforms and dealing with absolutes, but the truth is that privacy need not be dealt in absolutes. It’s all relative and dependant on each person’s needs, and failing to see that more often than not harms the whole cause and people trying to get in.

Anyways, went a bit offtopic, sorry for that. Rant over, I suppose.

I can’t seem to open those links, it says the job offer no longer exists? 🤔

More open hardware and firmware for sure.
Stuff like Fairphone and Framework are nice steps forward, but those ideals could be expanded to a lot of other electronics, like house appliances.
More open hardware and more community-driven repair hubs would go a long way to help reduce consumer electronics waste and actually help people save money.
But alas, those efforts will always be swimming against a very strong current.

Wonderful to see good movements forward in the spec!

This is not an official Rust site, as far as I’m aware. Still neat though!

Curious to know why you picked for those subdomains instead of the “project official” :)

Kinda late to this, but yeah I use one very simple and undistracting background I found on dark hexes

It is a way to make some income out of an open-source project. If you want the convenience of their managed server, then you have to pay to access limitless orgs (the way to share secrets), otherwise you’re limited to just a 2-person org. The family pack is quite accessible imo, at $40/y for a 6-person org.
Your other solution is, like I mentioned before, host your own server. vaultwarden supports orgs, like you can see in their feature list:

BitWarden is really great and a good example of a successful FLOSS project. I get the overall “companies just want to screw you up”, but one must not get completely blinded by it ;)

BitWarden,¹ it just works really really well everywhere. The app is pretty much the same on every platform (which is a good thing imo) and you also have a CLI in case you prefer (may also be useful in some sort of backup script, I suppose). I personally use the cloud service they provide, but you could very easily and cheaply get a vaultwarden² server up and running and be the total master of your passwords, using a $2.5/m VPS or something like that.


Edit: links
Edit: also, the premium Bitwarden plan doesn’t mean that at all, imo. The plan can be very useful if you really need those features (sidenote: I advise ever using the TOTP thing, that’s just putting all your eggs into one basket and defeating the purpose of 2FA), it’s very cheap ($10/y iirc) and you can always export all your data with the CLI, setup a server and import that data.

Yeah. In the announcement article they also linked a Mozilla donation page just for K9

Yeah, onboarding is definitely a big problem with PeerTube and many other fediverse software.

You have PeerTube, which is the server and client software that allows you to upload, manage and view vídeos, à la YouTube, but whereas “traditional” platforms have just one big instance, the Fediverse platforms have multiple smaller instances that interconnect. You have your generic instances, but you also have more focused ones (specific topics like art, tech, or even for generic content related to a specific country/language). Unfortunately, the PeerTube network isn’t very rich and diverse yet, so restricting your search to very specific things may lead you no instances at all.

Hope this info helps! :3

PeerTube is recommended a lot in open-source circles. It is a video streaming platform that supports peer-to-peer distribution of content and is part of the (APub) Fediverse. The experience is very hit-or-miss though, and highly depends on which instance you pick. Running it yourself is not as trivial as running, say, Lemmy, so it’s not for everybody.

This is really cool to see, great news!
K-9 is a fantastic app already, and with the funding and engineering power from the Thunderbird team, I’m sure it will become the very best email client for Android.

ridiculous compliated

It is as complicated to register on another instance as it is to register on Furthermore, as another commenter pointed out, there’s no official instance for Lemmy, as the devs believe that hurts the whole points of federation (and I agree). They do, however, run an instance tuned to their preference, and since it was the first one, it attracted the most users.

I’m running my own instance and it is very easy and nice to use :)

Nice, congrats to everyone! :3

Firefox spell checking now checks spelling in multiple languages. To enable additional languages, select them in the text field’s context menu.

Oh finally, I’ve been waiting for this for the longest time hehe

Ireland is a western country, just not very anglophone (though it is more so than most other Europen countries, for example).
Like others have pointed out, if you read and write in English on the Internet, you’re most likely visiting anglophone platforms, thus it is natural to never get to know, let’s say, the Portuguese Internet “culture”, with all its popular websites and quirks. I’d say every country/language has something like this, with varying degrees of richness and popularity of course.
It is true, however, that the USA’s influence on the western Internet “space” is way more significant than any other country’s, which can be attributed to a myriad of reasons, like how they had a big role in its inception and how their economy has evolved to flourish the tech industry.

Exactly what I was going to point out. You might not mind your own smell, but other certainly will, and deodorant can be a good way to mitigate that problem.

Couldn’t agree more. The whole tone of this piece is rather depreciative, and the author steps over multiple key points. Not a good post, imo.

Exactly. If batteries are somehow replaceable, then these could be really really neat!


P2P on Matrix is far from being a basic feature imo

Great answer. Context, tonality and people’s mood/feelings vary wildly and are fundamental aspects of how someone will take such a thing.
Your last point is key - when unsure (e.g. not talking to a close friend), choose the most polite words.

That’s very nice of you, thanks! :3

ahah, thanks! I’m curious why you picked me though, I barely post, mainly just read/lurk 🙃

"Tabacaria"1 by Álvaro de Campos (a Fernando Pessoa heteronym). Here’s an English translation.

It’s regarded by many as one of the best poems by him, and it is also a favourite of mine. The original version conveys so much in a brilliant flow of words, which, unfortunately, gets a somewhat lost with translations.

1 From the “official” archive.

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That isn’t true. BitWarden is a very good password manager. Great apps on all platforms (even terminal) with perfect sync.

I’d you don’t trust the main server, then you can run the official server, or the lighter and community recommended vaultwarden server. It’s tiny, easy to deploy and effective.

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Was completely unaware of this, it’s pretty cool!

I just tried it and it’s still a bit wack, but it’s also still just a beta.

Dunno, but you can take a look at and sort by the metric you find most relevant

Exactly. If it isn’t related I don’t think it makes any sense.

I mean, MTP is kinda slow cus of the lack of multiplexing, but yeah, it can definitely be faster than network protocols

Was about to comment this. Simple and straightforward, no real need to use more complex over-the-network stuff if you’re just sporadically sending some files from one device to the other.

Magicwormhole is really great

What’s cooking on SourceHut? January 2022
cross-post from: > New update on sourcehut! > > Summary: > > - new staff (paid by NLNet fund grant) > - hut: a sourcehut CLI tool > -'s GraphQL API should land sometime this week > - GraphQL-native webhooks for should land before the next monthly update > - fixed bugs related to importing mbox files in > - fixed OAuth 2.0 bugs in > > See also: [[NLNet NGI Zero funding]]( and [[How does SourceHut's FOSS business model work?]](

What’s cooking on SourceHut? January 2022
New update on sourcehut! Summary: - new staff (paid by NLNet fund grant) - hut: a sourcehut CLI tool -'s GraphQL API should land sometime this week - GraphQL-native webhooks for should land before the next monthly update - fixed bugs related to importing mbox files in - fixed OAuth 2.0 bugs in See also: [[NLNet NGI Zero funding]]( and [[How does SourceHut's FOSS business model work?]](

Announcing a persistent IRC session for sourcehut users
I've tried it already and it's really neat. Drew was also very nice and explained me a lot of stuff :3 What are your thoughts?
Announcing a persistent IRC session for sourcehut users

publicação cruzada de: > The second episode of LTT's Linux *challenge* is out.

The second episode of LTT's Linux *challenge* is out.

The Website Obesity Crisis
Found this article on HN comment thread. Really nice read! It clearly shows problems in 2015 and made accurate predictions that in 2020 things would be even worse... Had to fetch an archived cus the images weren't loading on the live website.

Is Your Privacy An Illusion? (Taking on Big Tech) - Smarter Every Day 263
It's great to see a big channel (10M subs) talking about the issue, but Destin failed to point out that GAFAM and others collect data because it benefits them immensely for targeted ads and other uses, and not just because the government asks for it. It sort of painted a nice pictured for them, like we should feel pity for these companies for being "obliged" to comply. Idk, might be exaggerating. Also, this 4Privacy thing smelled a tad fishy, but I have to read more on it.

cross-post from: Nice initiative by the same people from

I just found this article and thought it was rather neat. I haven't carefully read it all through, though. What do you think?

Lemmy Portugal 🇵🇹 - A new public instance dedicated to Portugal and the Portuguese Language
Hallo! Making this announcement post here to let more people know that the instance is now opened! I had held back from making this post due to not having written some rules yet, but now that's in place. They still need some touch ups, and a more extensive Code of Conduct document has yet to be written, however, I'd like to get more people on board to get more feedback. So, what is this instance about? Anything related to Portugal, Portuguese, or any related community. We have some communities already set up, but anyone is free to create their own space :D Naturally, posts should be in Portuguese, and on-topic, but English posts are also welcome if they come from people wanting to learn about the community, culture, language and so on. I hope to help the Lemmy network by adding this new instance :3 Cheers!