Owncast is a self-hosted, decentralised, alternative to Amazon Twitch for live video streaming and web chat server for use with existing popular broadcasting software

Have complete control and ownership over your stream, allowing you to create the content and community you want. The frictionless built-in chat allows your viewers to be a part of the action. Include custom emotes and build chatbots to encourage engagement from your viewers. Owncast can work with di…

The software generates attractive graphs showing the history of each hop. The attractive visuals makes it easy to follow network routes and finding the causes of downtimes and poor network performance. This is helped by the software’s tab support, which lets you analyse multiple routes simultaneousl…


FOSS share and hosting platform Each file is encrypted on upload using an AES-256-CTR cipher…


I came across this while browsing the web in Grand Theft Auto IV. Kind of humorous to be honest…


Encrypted and anonimous FOSS platform for collaborative projects

10 Open source Medium Front end

This is a recent toot from the creator: I’ve made an alternative frontend to Medium:…

Looking for an offline/online calendar that can sync to multiple devices

A bunch of calendars only work when connected to the internet. Others don’t sync across multiple types of devices (linux, android, apple, etc). …

I just found this article and thought it was rather neat. I haven’t carefully read it all through, though. …

You can now install easly your Lemmy instance with Yunohost <3 …


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