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The question is whether is this is actual maple syrup or table syrup or whatever it’s called?

The top-placed entry showed that Twitter’s cropping algorithm favors faces that are “slim, young, of light or warm skin color and smooth skin texture, and with stereotypically feminine facial traits.”

Sorry but what cropping algorithm?

You mean for accessing your bank account from a phone? Or just accessing your account in general?

You can download it to a temporary location (using mktemp), then compare the checksums of the existing and downloaded files, and move the file from temporary location to $FILE if the checksum is different. This is not necessary though since docker-compose can tell if the compose file has changed, but it will be helpful to the user to know whether they have downloaded an updated file or not.

So the quality of a YouTube video will be judged on the basis of “the ratio” like Twitter. This really sucks.

What does “revoking of license” mean in this context for Truth Social

Mastodon is AGPLV3 so doesn’t that mean the folks who own “Truth Social” are legally obliged to share their source code?

S.W.O.R.D. is an unmanned weapon system that’s chambered in either …

Is SWORD the gun they have a picture of in the article? Or is it something else? Maybe built on top of guns? Just wondering how unmanned fits in here.

I don’t even know where to find scientific information on the dark patterns. The thing you shared about infinite scrolling is relevant. But a lot of what I read are unproved observations. Psychologists should be all over this shit since they publish literally anything these days. Maybe it will be easier to find if I dig deeper on Google Scholar. For example I know their nanotransaction bullshit where you can distribute awards worth less than a dollar is a result of their experimentation with psychological engineering too. Worst thing is shit like this becoming more and more normal by the day and people in general have zero objections to these. Considering how long it took the capitalist world to reign in big tobacco I don’t see this being addressed in the near future. Plus get ready to hear fuckwits screeching about totalitarianism when China does literally anything about it.

For me it’s how explicitly for-profit it has become. This manifests in a lot of things like:

  • rampant advertisements
  • dark patterns to get the users hooked
  • you literally cannot use the mobile site because it nudges you to install the app at all times
  • new UI is garbage
  • misinformation is freely allowed to fester to not drive down revenue

It has pretty much become like Facebook and it really sucks.

First of all, that estimate ranges from several hundred to several thousand. Doesn’t that seem odd.

Secondly, I would like people who actively point fingers at this massacre to paint a more tangible picture of the events that happened. Who were the protestors and what were they protesting against? Who were they allied with and what means did they use to try and achieve their goals? Why should those condemning this massacre (in which no one died in the Square itself) just throw the eight words of “but what about the Tiananmen Square massacre”, along with a Wikipedia page that is filled from top to bottom with western sources and be absolved from having to support their position?

Can you tell me what happened in what you call the Tiananmen Square massacre?

Big tech are the new big tobacco. Not that big tobacco is gone or anything. But they know the deleterious effects of their products more than anyone else and always try to cover up to protect their profit margins.

Outside of Lemmy and github (even though J know it’s Microshit owned), I always log in in a private window. Especially for things like gmail, amazon.

The base image is Ubuntu. That’s the biggest reason.

Is there a free, open source alternative to smart home solutions like Alexa?

Someone in my family uses Alexa to do things like control lights and some other electrical appliances in the home. I don’t know anything about this smart home trend, but I immediately disliked Alexa because: …

Thoughts on XMPP/Jabber?

I want to stop using WhatsApp because I fuckin hate it. Does anyone use XMPP regularly? It allows encryption so I was considering it. …

Thoughts on Bitwarden?

I personally use passwordstore.org with a git repo on a personal VPS. But I wanted to set up a password manager for my boomer parents and looks like Bitwarden is one of the better options out there. …