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Are you sure your adapter does not work out of the box? Ubuntu seems to have the driver for it already at:


Maybe you can try sudo modprobe mt7601u and see if that makes it work.

not sure why they want to make tomatoes crispy but it’s cool i guess

You only need make and gcc. If you are using Ubuntu or Linux Mint you can try:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install make build-essential
sudo make install

You have to perform the last two commands in the directory where the file called Makefile is.

If you don’t want to use your SSH key, you’ll have to change your remote URL from git@github.com:minimal-manifest-twrp/platform_manifest_twrp_aosp.git to https://github.com/minimal-manifest-twrp/platform_manifest_twrp_aosp.git

Then you’ll have to use a personal access token I think.

If you’re using you can use a sock5 proxy using the http.proxy configuration parameter

In IRC it is a bit difficult to pose a multi faceted problem like this due to the nature of the medium. It’s one of the downsides.

You can try asking the questions piecemeal. For example, “I am looking for an implementation of storing comments along with the revision history to use as reference. Any pointers?” in a channel like #postgresql on irc.libera.chat or #mysql if it exists.

Apart from IRC you can try posting on a database oriented subreddit. For databases I don’t know a better place. Sorry about that.

He gave practically the same interview to Radio War Nerd as well in case anyone’s interested.

Are you able to brush your teeth twice a day every day?

Very dishonest. The earnings should be in the negative.

This kinda ignored why China feels the need to do this.

As usual art is a pale imitation of reality

What happened to the Nvidia source code that was being leaked?

I think I read about it last month but since then there hasn’t been any mention of it. Wondering what came of it…


Has anyone turned off autocorrect on their phone?

Using autocorrect makes typing much easier on phones. Not only you can write words you don’t know the spellings of correctly, but it also compensates for mis-hits on the tiny keyboard. …


Announcing /c/EldenRing

A subcommunity for the upcoming game if anyone is interested…


A question about the Great (American) Resignation

I see this being mentioned a bit in American media. I understand why this can happen. Capital does not want to pay living wages to the working people and workers do not want to work for pennies. There is no such thing as labour shortage, only capital not willing to pay. …


What software/library to use to write a bot that snipes a PS5 as soon as it is available for preorder?

I have tried to use fast fingers to preorder a PS5 as soon as it restocks and have failed. Now I want to turn to the dark side. …


Give me your favourite easy dishes or recipes

I am absolutely garbage at cooking nor do I have the desire to get better at cooking intricate dishes. But I still prefer making food at home as much as possible. So I was wondering what your favourite easy dishes are. …


Anything like NewPipe but for Twitch or YouTube streams?

Just want to listen to that lofi stream while studying. …


Is there a free, open source alternative to smart home solutions like Alexa?

Someone in my family uses Alexa to do things like control lights and some other electrical appliances in the home. I don’t know anything about this smart home trend, but I immediately disliked Alexa because: …


Thoughts on XMPP/Jabber?

I want to stop using WhatsApp because I fuckin hate it. Does anyone use XMPP regularly? It allows encryption so I was considering it. …


Thoughts on Bitwarden?

I personally use passwordstore.org with a git repo on a personal VPS. But I wanted to set up a password manager for my boomer parents and looks like Bitwarden is one of the better options out there. …