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On Android, it’s a bit complicated but you if you are experienced you can use termux and yt-dlp.

You can use yt-dlp from a desktop too.

For youtube on android you can use newpipe. It allows streaming as well as downloading.

There are many good tutorials about how WITH RECURSIVE works, so I won’t expand on it

Skill issue but I’ve never understood how is works

Always suprises me how uninformative mainstream news coverage is. It’s barely apparent who is doing the shelling here. Why they are doing it not touched upon at all. It is only a two minute clip but I doubt the full segment will be any better.

Western media does not cover Chinese companies in the same manner and depth as they do Western companies. Regarding the Pentagon’s chief’s statement I would not take it seriously. It’s highly unlikely that he knows enought about machine learning to correctly comment on the situation. Plus American national security agencies like to portray themselves as enfeebled sometimes because it helps justify their massive fundings.

At our work, all our logs are stored in a postgres database. We don’t utilise fts, so if I want to find a log line that matches some text, I have to use LIKE or ILIKE. The problem is that searching like this does not utilise indexes unless you search for something like ‘sometext%’ which is rarely helpful. So unless I can specify a small timespam within which to search, the query takes very long.

Every country that has monetary sovereignty is a currency manipulator

Editing someone else’s post/comment is not something that should be allowed in my opinion.

I had no idea jetbrains pretty much singlehandedly funded kotlin development

I don’t know what his game is with being critical of the empire now after a lifetime of serving it.

Americans struggle to comprehend the concept of complex, multi-ethnic and cultural nations. I wonder why.

Damn I thought the result would have been opposite. There are tutoring companies where I live which teach programming to kids as early as grade 1. I’m not sure what their appeal is because I can’t get in the mind of a boomer but they take advantage of parents who stuck at parenting.

Hoping it costs only one kidney instead of two as is the case of Elite controller

But water is delicious though

Where does the file go if it is named with a.txt?

This technique is usually used with checksums because they have a predefined length and alphabetic characters can be safely casted to lower case. How do you want to differentiate between upper case and lower case here asauming that you are using a file system that is sensitive to it?

The devs have actually spent a lot of valuable time making the website isomorphic. Because that it can be rendered server side and can be crawled for search indexing.

Yeah kinda. Some fuel trade took place via rupee-rouble exchange. But using the Yuan is not something I had heard of before.

Regarding Instagram’s methods for limiting access to non-logged-in users, I have been able to work around them to some extent.

If you click on a post while viewing a profile and Instagram asks you to log in, you can instead right click on the post and open it in a new tab.

If you scroll down while viewing a profile and Instagram asks you to log in, you can use uBlock Origin’s zap tool to remove the pop-up message and dark translucent background. The should load normally when you scroll after that.

I think Instagram just goes the extra mile to make sure that alternative frontends don’t work. Bibliogram breaks A LOT though I still thank them for their service.

Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu if you like sci-fi. It has a bit of the “chosen one” aspect but it’s not as bad.

I’m not sure about Apple these days. I have an iPad Air 4th Gen and it can be charged by my phone’s USBC charger. Do iphones not allow this?

At least we have gitea and sourcehut.

GitHub is so bloated with useless “features” and 90% of them seem like they have been authored with corporate middle management bureaucracy in mind.

Just a nitpick, traversal in vim is fast because of its modal nature rather than because of keyboard shortcuts.

They were gonna do that anyway. Now they’re just trying to blame the evil commies for their bloodlust.

Doesn’t Mozilla have this controversy where their CEO is paid a large salary despite them being a non-profit?

It seems like Google is allowing Firefox to exist to avoid antitrust litigations.

  • There are a lot of javascript and web frontend developers these days.
  • It’s cross platform.

Are you sure your adapter does not work out of the box? Ubuntu seems to have the driver for it already at:


Maybe you can try sudo modprobe mt7601u and see if that makes it work.

not sure why they want to make tomatoes crispy but it’s cool i guess

What happened to the Nvidia source code that was being leaked?
I think I read about it last month but since then there hasn't been any mention of it. Wondering what came of it.

Has anyone turned off autocorrect on their phone?
Using autocorrect makes typing much easier on phones. Not only you can write words you don't know the spellings of correctly, but it also compensates for mis-hits on the tiny keyboard. But one day I had to write something using a pen and paper and I realised that I had forgotten how to spell common words. For example I had no idea if it was "absense" or "absence". Then I turned off autocorrect on my phone so that I can relearn how to spell words. I have gotten a lot better since then. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Announcing /c/EldenRing
A subcommunity for the upcoming game if anyone is interested.

A question about the Great (American) Resignation
I see this being mentioned a bit in American media. I understand why this can happen. Capital does not want to pay living wages to the working people and workers do not want to work for pennies. There is no such thing as labour shortage, only capital not willing to pay. But if people are just walking away from jobs, how are they affording subsistence? I have seen restaurants being closed because they don't have workers. So it is not only people who can afford savings who are quitting. I can't phrase the question very well but the bottom line is this: I don't understand. So any insight you might want to share is welcome.

What software/library to use to write a bot that snipes a PS5 as soon as it is available for preorder?
I have tried to use fast fingers to preorder a PS5 as soon as it restocks and have failed. Now I want to turn to the dark side. What do I use to achieve this? I know python and shell scripting but know nothing about web development.

Give me your favourite easy dishes or recipes
I am absolutely garbage at cooking nor do I have the desire to get better at cooking intricate dishes. But I still prefer making food at home as much as possible. So I was wondering what your favourite easy dishes are. I don't value taste too highly. But I prefer that have relatively moderate to low carb content. But don't wanna be picky so anything goes. Please feel free to share.

Anything like NewPipe but for Twitch or YouTube streams?
Just want to listen to that lofi stream while studying.

Is there a free, open source alternative to smart home solutions like Alexa?
Someone in my family uses Alexa to do things like control lights and some other electrical appliances in the home. I don't know anything about this smart home trend, but I immediately disliked Alexa because: 1. It's Amazon 2. When the internet went down, we were unable to use Alexa to any affect to control the appliances. I am guessing this means that all communication (unsurprisingly) is routed to a central Amazon server before going to the appliances, which IMO is a pretty terrible design choice for the consumer (but I am guessing not for Amazon). Are there any open source alternatives to things like this? I can see it being useful in some scenarios or at the very least it would be a nice gimmick to have if you have a spare rpi lying around.

Thoughts on XMPP/Jabber?
I want to stop using WhatsApp because I fuckin hate it. Does anyone use XMPP regularly? It allows encryption so I was considering it. The consideration is whether I will have to self host it or I can use some publicly hosted instances (like how there are open Matrix instances). Also whether it has support for desktop clients that run natively on Loonix without electron. Please share your thoughts if you have experience. Feel free to suggest other alternatives too. I won't mind that.

Thoughts on Bitwarden?
I personally use passwordstore.org with a git repo on a personal VPS. But I wanted to set up a password manager for my boomer parents and looks like Bitwarden is one of the better options out there. The problem is that the free tier sounds a bit too good to be true so I am worried that it might just disappear or discontinue one day. Any idea if this fear is unfounded or not? If you have been using Bitwarden please share your experience with it. Would like to hear.

Do you think Reddit admins’ identities should be public knowledge?
With this whole debacle brewing, I was browsing /r/ModSupport (since all the good subs I know went private). There I saw a post from someone saying that Reddit admins are affecting discourse from the shadows and pushing their left-wing agenda with little accountability. I agree with that except for the left-wing part. Turns out that Reddit thinks that mentioning the name of the new employee, who is a public figure, amounts to doxxing. I don't condone doxxing but I don't understand how admins are allowed to remain anonymous considering how much power they have. Thoughts on this?