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Who is Andrew Tate anyway? I’ve been avoiding looking him up. Some MMA fighter turned misogynistic podcaster?

I feel like the Fediverse is kinda immune to this because it’s not profit-driven and each instance can limit their user count to below the threshold for a lawsuit.

Mental Health Benefits of Cleaning and Decluttering
cross-posted from: https://beehaw.org/post/140948 > NB: I'll be wary of being too perfectionist with cleaning/tidying up.


What I got out of it was that just ignoring the fascists that go to speak on left-leaning college campuses doesn’t really work. They do this as a power move rather than to get noticed, and usually attack/intimidate minorities on campus one way or the other when they show up. “I’ll hurt them (minorities) in order to hurt you (white leftists/libs)”. He encourages everyone, especially white people, to be anti-racist and protest the hell out of these fascists because showing that you have power in numbers is a great way to respond to them and avoid minorities from getting hurt in the process.

My chapter uses discord. We’re going to transition to Matrix eventually.

The way I took it was that it’s making fun of people who are against any reasonable government regulation. I can imagine some chud thinking that the idea of not letting people drive drunk is “communism” and government overreach.

Midwest.social is hosted in Germany. We don’t federate with lemmygrad or wolfballs though.

Thanks! I was told to put it on his dating profile

Went to a coding bootcamp a couple of years after college because a bachelor’s in chemistry doesn’t pay well at all.

I agree, although I think it would be interesting for there to be a self-hosted version of Be Real to use with friends.

Just did a quick search and couldn’t find anything.

I don’t know much about the pros and cons of different languages you could write a tui in but the tui crate in Rust is pretty cool: https://docs.rs/tui/latest/tui/

So close to getting it…

If only something like that existed already. Hmmm…

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