Intermittent site outages

You may have tried to reach a few times recently and noticed that the site times out or takes a long time to load. I did some investigating today and found that a process, kswapd0, sometimes goes nuts and consumes almost 100% of the cpu. I’ll continue to work on getting this fixed. If…

Test post

I am logged in as user, and don’t have account. These posts look the same, but I can only upvote the second. Get a message saying I need to log in to upvote the first. …

Ope! Forgot to allow regular users to create communities. Fixed!

Forgot to allow that in the settings…

Hi, hello.

Detroiter here. I’ve lurked on Lemmy for a year but today I found this instance and immediately signed up. I hardly find Midwest representation anywhere, so I’m delighted to find a place for Midwesterners on Lemmy. …

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