Log file for
Here is the link to the privatebin that contains the site's longest running queries of today. Take a look at it and see if you can find anything out of the ordinary. Thanks!

New users look here
Welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself here in the c/main channel if you'd like.

Problem has improved, but is not gone
The high CPU issue that is causing to slow way down and timeout on HTTP requests is still a mystery to me. But, it seems to do it less often and for less time now. Here is CPU usage over 24 hours: ![]( It's a bunch of SELECT statements in Postgres that all seem to fire at one time and take a while to complete as a batch. I've inspected the logs and haven't seen anything unusual. Just stuff federating and posts receiving upvotes.

New community on MWS: c/Chat
Inspired by []( I started a chat community on this instance.

@main Hello! I grew up in the midwest before moving to Oregon and if federation works how I want it to, this post should show up in the main community on midwest dot
[@main]( Hello! I grew up in the midwest before moving to Oregon and if federation works how I *want* it to, this post should show up in the main community on midwest dot social. I'm a nerd and trans catgirl (kinda goes hand in hand anyways). Feel free to reply with an introduction of your own!
@main Hello! I grew up in the midwest before moving to Oregon and if federation works how I want it to, this post should show up in the main community on midwest dot

New community: Michigan
I was asked to create a Michigan community and so I did!

Shout out to @jackfromwisconsin
Thank you, [](, for posting content here. I know it's pretty quiet, but I enjoy seeing your contributions!

@main Posting from Mastodon.
[@main]( Posting from Mastodon. Saw on the change log titles should be fixed? Let's give it a shot.
@main Posting from Mastodon.

[@main]( Test post from Mastodon! Testing the federation. Let's see if this works at all.

Hey everyone! If you participate in Folding@Home, I just set up a team for this Lemmy instance if you’d like to join!
If you're not familiar with it, Folding@Home utilizes excess processing power in your computer to help solve protein folding calculations spread through a large network of people doing this. [Here is the URL for the team]( The team ID I set up is 1064112. Extremely simple to set up and join and start making a difference in the world without having to do a single thing basically! If you would like to have our team contribute to any specific cause, let me know so I can have our team defaulted to that. Happy folding!

Just want to inform people of some new /c/ I created today
Gaming - USA News/Politics - Soccer - Not sure if this is how official Lemmy structure is supposed to be, but figured we could have dupe /c/ of these comms on our instance. They can x-post from other instances if needed but also can give a more specific insight into these topics that would tailor more to people in

Just want to wish everyone happy holidays and to also stay safe out there
With this server being geared towards people from the Midwest, we all realize how bitterly cold it has been this past day or two. Want to wish everyone a good weekend and also that everyone is safe and warm! Please keep in mind those who don't have warm shelter to stay in and try to help those less fortunate if possible.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!
Hope you are safe and warm and surrounded by friends and family.

I think I fixed’s slowness
Upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04 and the issue appears to be gone. I have been going crazy trying to figure out what was causing it. is experiencing some issues
Please bear with us as I troubleshoot this server. Lots of duplicate processes running for reasons I don't yet understand.

Not sure if this is the right place to post this
I just want to say hi and that I hope ppl use lemmy more. Don't feel sorry for me. But reddit is all I have and it's draining with all the toxicity. I'm gunna try to post here more even though my 'content' is gay. See you later

> Organizing in Michigan, once a union stronghold, has symbolic significance. […] Votes for the other Michigan locations are expected to be collected in the first week of June. [Full article: [](, [12ft Ladder](]

This bill would make it too difficult for medical providers to save a mother's life in the case of ectopic pregnancy or other health conditions. Having medical professionals involved in writing healthcare legislation should be required.

Frequent errors
Today I’m getting a lot of FetchError or 404 error messages when browsing via the web. I get them on every other page load. Here’s a sample: > 404: FetchError: invalid json response body at http://lemmy:8536/api/v3/site > 404: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'person') > 404: FetchError: invalid json response body at http://lemmy:8536/api/v3/site? reason: Unexpected end of JSON input No idea if it’s the same in other Lemmy clients. Is it just me or does anyone else see it too?

Maybe I do know.

This instance is now for Ben Shapiro fans in the Midwest
After watching a couple of Ben's YouTube videos of him owning SJWs with facts and logic I have realized that the Left is bad and so I'm therefore a conservative now. This instance is hereby dedicated to Midwestern Shapirists to share his videos and study debate tactics.

> Nine media judges spent hours tasting and selecting from waters sourced in sixteen states, three Canadian provinces and eighteen foreign countries. […] Conclusion of the daylong water tasting is the famed “water rush” where the audience is invited to take home hundreds of bottles of water sent as part of the judging. While it takes hours to arrange the bottles, the crowd spent less than ten minutes making it all disappear. [More coverage: [*Associated Press*](]

> This investigative series offers an unprecedented look at the way local and federal law enforcement employed advanced technology tools to create a surveillance system for monitoring protests in the Minneapolis metro area in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. The system spread far beyond the confines of its publicly declared mission and it’s not going anywhere: by all indications, the system is built to last.

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