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Hopefully more USA news from people familiar with it
Saw the !usa@lemmy.ml comm and has a... suspicious amount of negative articles and specific people who submit things and stuff. Just want to get some actual news up in a /c/ that Americans can refer to if they would like.

It's becoming the same story year after year after year... when will they learn?

Could the Democrats tiptoe their way to the Speaker position? Seemingly become more possible... Very unlikely, but who knows at this point

A surprisingly pro-labor article from the New Yorker. I am tired of the lie printed near the end of the article though: "Now, after months of store closures and firings, they understand that even a comparatively progressive Democratic Administration can’t—or won’t—do much to safeguard that organizing, either." We need to stop calling the administration of gulag builder and police militarizer Joe Biden "progressive." It's absurd and robs the word "progressive" of any meaningful definition.

United States | News & Politics
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