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  • Jordan says House will hold next speaker vote at noon ET Thursday

    House Republican supporters of a resolution to temporarily empower interim Speaker Patrick McHenry are working to maximize GOP votes and educate members about the effort. Florida Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, a chief Republican opponent of Jim Jordan’s speakership bid, said on Wednesday that the speaker designee would lose a “bigger chunk” of GOP floor votes on a third ballot. The 11-term South Florida congressman said he would “never” back Jordan for speaker.

  • Howdy! I’m Evan, I’m from STL, and recently graduated from S&T with a BS in CS, going back for an MS. I’m a linguist, software engineer, musician, FOSS contributor, and Fediverse enthusiast. I build computers, run servers, write music, and get angry at the US/MO on the daily.

    P.S.: call me scum, because I’ve only ever used Reddit via their official app, but at least I jumped ship!