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It’s Monday.
How are we all doing?

![]( How's everybody doing this hump day eve?

What communities do you frequent outside of
Just curious what people have found so far.

How is everyone doing today?
I noticed many new individuals joining following the Reddit API news. Do you have any questions about this website, Lemmy, or the fediverse?

What are your weekend plans?
I'm going to a spaghetti dinner and hanging out with some people.

Screengeeks - chat about TV and movies
I've gotten to know because we're both Mastodon instance admins and he has been super helpful. He just started a new server at which, as the login page explains, is "A CalcKey instance for fans of movies, TV, video games, and tech!" It is relatively new but a fun idea.

Shitty facebook ads: What are they suggesting for you?
I check my bare bones Facebook timeline like twice a day. It always suggests either some shitty conservative page or a far-left page. Probably because it knows I like guns lol. What garbage suggestions do you see when you check your timeline?

How’s everybody doing today?
I'm doing well. I'm busy at work but not too busy. Recently I bought a raised garden bed, filled it with soil, and planted vegetables in it.

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