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I live in Lebanon, IN where I am a husband and father of 2. Loyal son of Wabash College (#WAF). VP, Solution Engineering and Technology at Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE). Hobbies include #pokemongo, #audiobooks, #podcasts, and #weightlifting.

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I use the FediBuzz Relay to push some hashtag-specific content to my instance. When you set that up, FediBuzz creates a “user” that boosts anything with that hashtag. For example, one of the hashtags I want it to help look for is #HoosierMast. It created So, maybe that is a work-around? However, I have no idea how to then take that Mastodon username and add it to your follows on Lemmy!

We did some yardwork and I was able to hit the Pokemon Go Community Day. I didn’t particularly care about the featured Pokemon, but it was a nice excuse to get out and enjoy the weather.

Yup, it is built on ActivityPub and you can follow people between platforms if you wanted to. It is closer in experience to Mastodon in terms of microblogging feeds as opposed to forum posts like Lemmy. But, an interesting & modern interface. Personally, I still spend most of my time on Mastodon but I like to experiment with the different Fediverse implementations.

Oh heck yeah. I’m not complaining about 1 day a week at all! I’m very fortunate. It just makes for an action-packed calendar.

Screengeeks - chat about TV and movies
I've gotten to know because we're both Mastodon instance admins and he has been super helpful. He just started a new server at which, as the login page explains, is "A CalcKey instance for fans of movies, TV, video games, and tech!" It is relatively new but a fun idea.

Well, you asked this yesterday, which was my regular weekly in-office day. I had meetings from 9-4 solid, even over lunch! Kinda hectic, but nothing really bad happened or needed to be managed, so could have been worse. What about you?

McCormick officially enters governor’s race
After teasing a run for months, Democrat Jennifer McCormick announced Thursday she is entering the race for governor in 2024.

Hello fellow Hoosiers! If you're looking for a Mastodon presence on the Fediverse, I welcome you to check out [Hoosier Social]( It is a relatively new & small instance specifically started to give Indiana residents a place to land. Currently, we're working on adding news feeds (Indy Star, Indiana Capital Chronicle, WFYI, etc.) to make the Local Timeline a little more valuable to members.

Midwest (and other) Art
I saw this posted elsewhere and thought that this community might enjoy some of these. Most of these are Midwest, and specifically Indiana. But, there are a few other locations that are pretty cool. It looks like they also do custom and commercial stuff too. Support local artists!

Hello, I’m Brian Lawson and live in Lebanon, IN (just a little NW of Indy). I’m the owner of the Mastodon instance and am expanding my reach a little further into the Fediverse.