McCormick officially enters governor’s race
After teasing a run for months, Democrat Jennifer McCormick announced Thursday she is entering the race for governor in 2024.

Hello fellow Hoosiers! If you're looking for a Mastodon presence on the Fediverse, I welcome you to check out [Hoosier Social]( It is a relatively new & small instance specifically started to give Indiana residents a place to land. Currently, we're working on adding news feeds (Indy Star, Indiana Capital Chronicle, WFYI, etc.) to make the Local Timeline a little more valuable to members.

Midwest (and other) Art
I saw this posted elsewhere and thought that this community might enjoy some of these. Most of these are Midwest, and specifically Indiana. But, there are a few other locations that are pretty cool. It looks like they also do custom and commercial stuff too. Support local artists!

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