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  • You can doubt all you like but we keep seeing the training data leaking out with passwords and personal information. This problem won’t be solved by the people who created it since they don’t care and fundamentally the technology will always show that lack of care. FOSS ones may do better in this regard but they are still datasets without context. Thats the crux of the issue. The program or LLM has no context for what it says. That’s why you get these nonsensical responses telling people that killing themselves is a valid treatment for a toothache. Intelligence is understanding. The “AI” or LLM or, as I like to call them, glorified predictive textbars, doesn’t understand the words it is stringing together and most people don’t know that due to flowery marketing language and hype. The threat is real.

  • As someone who frequently interacts with the tech illiterate, no they don’t. This sudden rush to put weighed text hallucination tables into everything isn’t that helpful. The hype feels like self driving cars or 3D TVs for those of us old enough to remember that. The potential for damage is much higher than either of those two preceding fads and cars actually killed poeple. I think many of us are expressing a healthy level of skepticism toward the people who need to sell us the next big thing and it is absolutely warranted.

  • I agree with your point here but, being the 12 year old I am, here’s the meme.

    The crux of the issue, in my opinion, comes down to those who have been victimized before. Without painting with too broad a brush, men like myself, have a had time viewing the question in the same lens. We don’t experience victimization in the same rates or as the omni-present threat that is learned via experience or indoctrination by others who have been victimized. Its a form of dog whistle men cannot normally hear. I dont choose the word dog whistle for the emotional impact but the base idea of the concept. We arent aware because that sense iant built up over time. That’s why its important for all those who are victimized that aren’t middle class white women to speak up. I know many do and they are ignored but we dont have to be that way. Dispelling that notion requires stories that don’t fit that narrative to blow out the mold and make use reckon with the reality.