You don’t want your organs just randomly flying out into space

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  • By “classical” barter, I mean a kind of system where you’ve created a whole system of measuring the value of one good against tens or even hundreds of others. E.g. a can of beans is worth a carton of milk or half a steak, a chocolate cheesecake is worth five bowls of porridge etc.

    I’m thinking more like can of beans same value as milk = steak = cheese cake etc

    And some good faith to prevent friends from trying to like give someone else like a raw deal. So like realistically some portion of gift economy, like can of beans for a steak, can of beans person later on gives steak person a “good trade” later on to sorta balance it out

  • This is still so new for most folks, they’re gonna want it to be as easy as possible at first.

    Email uses the same general federation. 😛 Ex Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo

    migrate accounts to different servers. Is that right

    There’s talk about it for Lemmy and matrix/element iirc, but it’s implemented in neither

  • PG 2 of the Fedizens Times June 5

    The Beehaw financial report with alyasha

    our hopefully-final update of where we stand is a break-even of $54 a month or $648 a year. (please once again ignore OC’s estimated yearly budget–we don’t determine it lol)

    our expenses are currently:

    • $48/mo toward our host, Digital Ocean. (reversible. if we need to commit to further than this it is also likely we will seek another host since DO is on the expensive side)
    • $2/mo for weekly backups
    • $4/mo for daily snapshots of the website, which would allow us to restore the website in between the weekly backups if need be.

    for a total of at least $54/mo in expenses. this may vary from month to month though, so we’re baking in a bit of uncertainty with our estimation.

    we currently have, for the month of June:

    • $85/mo in recurring donations (at least for June)
    • $620 this month in one-time donations

    for a total of $705 this month. our total balance now stands at 726.51.

    that balance means we now have about a year of reserves currently, if we received no other donations and have no unexpected expenses. i’m sure we’ll have churn in our monthly donations and such though, so please don’t hesitate to donate on our OpenCollective page if you’d like to keep the site going.