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you can do whatever you want. Go ahead and install this mod, which was made from the same games code that they ship to saudi arabia…

good vid, but lmao at 50% of the footage blurred for copyright reasons (I think).

yes, but a counterpoint would be that everyone takes a while to figure out what subs they like on reddit, they move, make new accounts and whatnot. I think this is different than on twitter and mastodon, where most people just want to have 1 account and use it. So the moving of communities wouldn’t be uncommon in the future I think.

nobody knows about lemmy and even fewer people know about the small servers ^^

honestly it’s pretty hard to find interesting ones in that list

Feddit.de obviously, but beehaw would be next in line I think!!

Looking for casual (browser) games
I am bored, what are y'all playing?

what the hell are people doing, this is so pointless, such a waste.

oh no...

I mean this is kinda cool and all, but why not fix the rivers or invent some kind of more important tech to combat climate change??

For a car it’s pretty cool, but doesn’t have too much interior space. For it to be game-changing it needs to be sold to consumers though ;)

any good reason why I should believe. Just an off sentence isn’t much.

I remember a viral video that went around where a US general pretty explicitly said it’s “not terrestrial technology” or something along those lines.

well that for sure is proof then xD