Why have local instance under performed? Also, remedies?
Example;,, It seems like a no brainer that midwesters, canadian and australians would sign up at those instances respectively, but instead they end up not there.

What's your favorite federated instance?
I asked this question on some time ago, but like to get to know what you think over here : )

Do any of you have a personal website? Any that you recommend checking out?
I've been looking for some personal websites to follow on my feed reader, thought I'd ask people here!

The Origins of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Version 3
There is a senior Reddit user (11 years) that has been curating an info-graphic about this. Their most recent post/update is [here]( The info-graphic: ![](

Thanks for disabling the downvote button!
Someone said: > I tried Beehaw, but gave up after seeing that the downvote button is disabled. Great feature. One of my fav thing about normie social media compared to reddit is lack of downvotes. Ex facebook, ig. I bet lack of downvote overtime will cause beehaw to be a much more wholesome instance

Is work actually a bad place to make friends?
cross-posted from: > Something went pooly with a work friend and It got me thinking. Specifically if I didn't try to hang out with this work friend outside of work, I would still have this work friend as a work friend, rather than it being up in the air if we're going to talk at work anymore. > > People at work arent here to make friends. One coworker is explicitly upfront about this, saying he would never hang out with a coworker. > > My work is quite interesting in the sense that it's a social activity where we're forced to do it at gunpoint (Ex becoming homeless if we don't work). But say you go to a house party, at least in my experience, people are much more interested in meeting/socializing. > > I hang out with one ex coworker. Now that me and her don't work together, it feels like there's less tension between us.

how are we doing this week/weekend
figured it might be a good idea to have a somewhat regular check-in thread, so here's one (and i'll probably make one every week or other week depending on how well this goes, we'll see). what have you folks been up to and what are you going to get up to as friday turns into (or already is) saturday

What's your opinion on so called "artificial sweeteners"?
Recently someone told me that some are really bad for your liver and in large amounts not healthier than large amounts of sugar. I haven't had time to look up their sources, but it was a professor at uni who told them. Do you have any insight that I might be lacking? Now I am not interested in stuff like the bogus aspartam rat studies, those weren't any good. I mostly believe that most artificial sweeteners are not very unhealthy and thus miles better than sugars. So drinks or food sweetened with it should be good imo.

The craziest thing I've done this year: Literal sparks flying, fuses blowing, landlord punk'd
Was trying to fix a damaged outlet in my rental unit, as per usual landlord didn't want to fix it. I don't have a breaker /fuse box in my room. So, tired of the outlet, I decided to change the outlet entirely with the breaker turned ON. I considered putting a friend on speaker in case I died, but in my fever pitch I decided against it. So here I am wearing 2 pairs of rubber gloves per hand, with random unrubered wire wrapped around my body in a way so that if I got shocked, the electricity would have a path to travel to not blast my heart / chest / head. I do the outlet swap a roo. Ancient super boomer outlet, it's wired differently. Wires charred to hell. One of the wires is brittle and snaps. Half way through random arc, a loud pop, my screw driver goes flying the live wire hit something. My entire unit lost power. Panic slightly before realizing that it's not so bad, now I won't die. I finish the swaparoo. I call up the landlord, with some bs excuse ready. He doesn't ask and just goes and flicks the fuse back on. My fuse works. My actual face: XD Ps: The outlet doesn't put out enough to kill a person iirc Get wrecked landlord, guess who just increased the value of your unit!! I have another damaged outlet to fix, but part 2 will have to wait! (Also, wtf one 15a circuit for the whole unit?) I still don't know where the screw driver flew)

Have any interesting victim blaming stories?
in my experience Just thinking about an interaction today. It's pretty interesting how I tell the average person (especially males) a story where i'm the victim and they immediately intensely victim blame me. This is probably largely due to rock bottom low positive sentiment of the person directed towards me. I don't know why i talk to some of people i talk to. At least when i think about it. I'm pretty sure i have higher standard for which internet acquaintances i talk to regularly then irl acquaintances. If it's an internet interaction, if i establish they're uhh unsuitable i don't talk to them anymore, and maybe i should do that irl for acquintances? Obv if you vets someone as being good company, they don't victim blame you.

the worst part about watching the news is that it outlines massive problems, but proposes no solution.
Which i get why local news doesnt try to organize protests, but like foreign news agencies could totally organize protests here

Anyone seeing insane numbers of dead birds? Bird flu must be wild this year
cross-posted from: > I've never seen so many dead birds


Anyone else impressive how aggressive 'are you okay' has become?
Just saw a security guard kick out a homeless guy and he begun the interaction with 'are you okay'. I've been pressured via 'are you okay' a few times. Obviously it's a different story if like your friend asks 'r you okay'. Kinda like i was watching terry from fatal fury - 'are you okay?' then ~~buster wolf~~ *kicks out guy*. I guess the fatal fury devs noticed something similar too? Similarly, i've heard god bless is sometimes an insult around texas region

It's pretty interesting how most ppl universally agree that they hate outsiders.
Do you want to bring new members to this communist org? Ppl there: No. (Hexbear) Do you want to bring new members to this irl IWW org? Ppl there: No. Do you want to bring more people to matrix? Ppl there: No (specifically redacted) Do you want to bring immigrants or refugees to this country? Ppl there: No. (rightwingers mostly) Do you want to bring a safe injection site to this city? Ppl there: No. (everyone where i live) There is one notable **exception**: CEOs. Do you want to bring more buyers to your thing? CEOs: yes. At least imo, no surprise CEOs are taking us (the ppl) to school and back.

It's surprisingly stressful to make a goal of trying to sleep
Somewhat stressful in a similar manner of making a goal of trying to meditate or to try to relax. I guess trying to sleep or meditate or relax is like the opposite of actually doing those things A mad lad told me the was trying to introspect on how the sleep process works by trying to watch how it works on himself. He told me that he barely slept that night lol

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