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yeah, beyond the balkanizing of activity point this is a big one: there will be very few locals to begin with, and they’ll probably want to go where discussion is, not congregate in a mostly dead instance. so it’s a problem of getting a large enough group to move onto these instances to make them active, to draw further activity, etc.

this legitimately might not be too far off what actually happens, lol. the specifics of the deal don’t actually leave them with a lot because so many other deals have been made with the rights:

The publishing rights to the books themselves aren’t included; they remain with the Tolkien estate and publisher HarperCollins. The licensing rights to Tolkien’s other Middle-earth works, The Silmarillion and The Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-earth, are also still controlled by the Tolkien estate and HarperCollins, although Embracer says it now owns “matching rights” to these works — meaning it has the right to match any offer the owners may get from elsewhere.

TV rights are another major exclusion. Per Variety, the right to produce a TV series longer than eight episodes was carved out of the deal Tolkien’s estate made with Saul Zaentz back in the 1970s, meaning Amazon was able to deal with the estate directly when it bought those rights in 2017, cutting Middle-earth Enterprises out of the deal. Nevertheless, Embracer says Middle-earth Enterprises has a “financial interest” in The Rings of Power, as well as Warner Bros.’ upcoming animated film The War of the Rohirrim, and EA’s in-development mobile game Heroes of Middle-earth.

Finally, there’s a question mark over the extent of the film rights Embracer has just bought. Warner Bros., the studio behind Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, has held the rights for years, but prior to the sale, the Saul Zaentz Co. was arguing that the rights reverted to it in 2021 because Warner Bros. had not been actively developing new film projects. According to Variety, Warner Bros. didn’t agree — and it’s entirely possible that The War of the Rohirrim was greenlit precisely so Warner Bros.’ lawyers could dispute this claim.

Sesso emphasizes that RIP’s growing business is nothing to celebrate. It means that millions of people have fallen victim to a U.S. insurance and health care system that’s simply too expensive and too complex for most people to navigate. As NPR and KHN have reported, more than half of U.S. adults say they’ve gone into debt in the past five years because of medical or dental bills, according to a KFF poll. A quarter of adults with health care debt owe more than $5,000. And about 1 in 5 with any amount of debt say they don’t expect to ever pay it off.

i’m definitely glad these guys recognize that their “business” existing at all is a pretty bad indictment of the system and that ideally they wouldn’t need to do this at all. hopefully bigger policies are also eventually coming from above so people aren’t relying on stuff like this to get out of the hole, tbh

After days of mounting outrage and an interview on 2GB that enraged rather than calmed his former ministers, Morrison issued a statement saying that, with hindsight, his moves to take on additional ministries were unnecessary.

He said he took on the powers of the health, finance, treasury and home affairs ministers due to the uncertainty of the pandemic and that he never exercised any of those powers and would have publicly announced if he was doing so.

a truly impotent defense here–barely even worth dignifying with taking it seriously, honestly, lol. all this time and that’s the best he can come up with?

he appears to have switched to he/him; all of the coverage of him recently uses similar pronouns including this LA Times piece

I’m not sure I know where I fall in this case, there isn’t a ton of real evidence presented in this article and the expert’s opinions seem to fall a bit conservative for my tastes - while we should make reasonable efforts to fix the underlying problems which might cause someone to want to kill themselves I’m not certain that we can really know how much a disease state affects the mind of someone. Hearing loss may be unbearable for some, and perfectly fine for others, and we shouldn’t judge how much someone is suffering just because the disease state doesn’t seem difficult or troubling enough to another person.

it’s difficult because unlike physical ailment, where we can often very clearly benchmark and map out someone’s progression into the ailment, emotional ailment is very enigmatic to us. some people for example get better very quickly, some people can go through years or decades of treatment and not much happens for them. why? usually we don’t have a very good answer for that. sometimes there simply isn’t a finality to mental illness like a physical illness, and that really complicates the judgement here.

it’s also tough philosophically, because you have to grapple with the big question of whether or not someone can be of a “sound mind” while simultaneously expressing a desire to die, or to kill themselves. and even if someone can, is it possible to make some sort of objective framework by which to judge whether someone should be allowed to die, or to kill themselves? i think that most people settle into some form of yes on both, since we increasingly allow terminally ill patients to speed up their deaths so they don’t suffer–but i think most people would immediately balk at the idea that someone’s emotional suffering being any sort of similar justification, even though the principle of “wanting to prevent future suffering” is shared between the circumstances. at least from what i can tell in having the conversation, the latter simply doesn’t have the absolute finality of physical illness–thus, there’s always the prospect in your mind that a person will eventually get better. (but that in kind also begs the question: what if they don’t?)

hm? is the instances page at the bottom of the page not publicly visible? because it lists both our linked and blacklisted instances for me.

yes, but if you believe the IPCC it’s most likely necessary to become actively carbon negative (and thus begin reversing the impact we’ve had on the planet) rather than just carbon neutral, so making it more economically practical is pretty important in the long-term

my general and limited understanding of this race is that this is good and that Odinga is the better candidate, because Ruto is a center-right guy who has some questionably authoritarian strongman leanings

i’m sure that in a mostly anglophone country there are valid concerns about the continued use of french and its long-term viability without state intervention and promotion like this, but i’m very curious how this:

Lawyers representing the attorney general of Quebec pushed back on the idea that there aren’t enough translators or that the requirement creates any obstacles to accessing justice.

On Friday, Elisabeth Gosselin, a spokeswoman for Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette, said Friday in an emailed response to the ruling, “It should be noted that the provisions in this case are intended to promote better access to justice in the official and common language, French.

can follow from imposing such a guideline on people who don’t natively speak french in such a specific context. translation of legal documents especially is not a thing you can just magic into being, and presumably anglophones also have a right to justice in the official and common language of every other province of canada besides nunavut, which would be english?

one of the rhetorically understandable but unfortunate impulses is always to use a city as a shorthand for whatever tragic event happened there (or a comparable event in another city) and i do hope one day we can eventually retire or transcend that sort of nomenclature. certainly, i don’t think it’s fair to use charlottesville in this manner, given how many people in the community came out to oppose the fascists that day and how many of the fascists themselves were not from charlottesville or even virginia, so i’m glad the city is trying to define itself on its own terms.

The French state broadcaster reported that since the start of the year, 56,000 hectares of forest had burned in France – three times the annual average this decade. There have also been forest fires in northern regions not usually hit by summer blazes, including in Brittany, where firefighting planes arrived from Sweden to help.

for the other americans, that’s about 140,000 acres. pretty substantial in a place where big wildfires basically don’t exist–it’d be like having a california wildfire out on the east coast.

This illustration plots changes in the brightness of the red supergiant star Betelgeuse, following the titanic mass ejection of a large piece of its visible surface. The escaping material cooled to form a cloud of dust that temporarily made the star look dimmer, as seen from Earth. This unprecedented stellar convulsion disrupted the monster star’s 400-day-long oscillation period that astronomers had measured for more than 200 years. The interior may now be jiggling like a plate of gelatin dessert.

oh, interesting–was this event the source of the dimming people saw with Betelgeuse in 2019 that led to a bunch of weird speculation?

about two days ago, mostly motivated by their lack of moderation/lack of compatibility with our values but also because we’re trying to figure out why our server is using so much more space than it should be (because if we don’t figure it out soon our hosting costs will need to double). one of the presumptions is who we federate with has something to do with it and lemmygrad was the biggest place we federated with, but we don’t really have overlap with their userbase so it doesn’t make very much sense to assume any additional load they might be adding.

update: yes. The suspect who attacked the FBI field office in Cincinnati has been killed by law enforcement, according to two officials familiar with the matter. His name is Ricky Walter Shiffer. He was at the Capitol on Jan. 6.. his twitter is still up and includes comments such as:

Oh, the packing. The packing could be here. Save ammunition, get in touch with the Proud Boys and learn how they did it in the Revolutionary War, because submitting to tyranny while lawfully protesting was never the American way. LEXINGTON

Shut up about term limits. Your vote doesn’t even count anymore. We need to be ready for the war against the communists who chemically nueter prebuscent children and call it gender transitioning, not bellyache about the arguments of 30 years ago. Save ammunition.

this is one of like, three? actual reasons you would want to use cryptocurrency (and honestly you could probably still throw it under another reason, “evading the law”), so not a surprise to me

by all accounts that i’m aware of the approval rating putin has is authentic, although i’m sure some of his approval can be explained by his political longevity and political propaganda reinforcing his influence.

yeah i would be careful with the phrasing “once they stop killing fellow Europeans”–it is not ordinary russian citizens doing the killings, and even if it may be correct that they tacitly or actively support the government doing such killings the same charge can be put against pretty much any existing government. (there are also other factors like the high level of propaganda and repression russian dissidents face for speaking out, which incentivizes people who truly oppose these actions to not openly do so. many people were arrested in the early days of the war doing this.)

it’s hard to think anything else, and the timing is very conspicuous to support that end. there are no shortage of people with grievances against the FBI, but people actually acting on those grievances is quite rare and usually motivated by a breaking point (which conservatives have been performatively–but very publicly–turning the FBI raid on mar-a-lago into).

it seems they have designed carve-outs for this purpose, although ymmv

Exceptions to the rule include:

  • Russian embassy employees and their family members working in Estonia;
  • Employees directly involved in the transportation of goods and passengers;
  • Those who have the right to freedom of movement under EU law;
  • People visiting close relatives;
  • People entering for humanitarian reasons.

personally i don’t see why you need to pass a law like this but, i suppose i’m not estonian