Key takeaways how to ensure things go right: - Diversity of opinion and the possibility to voice dissent - Keeping a discussion on risk alive - Deference to expertise - Ability to say stop - Broken down barriers between hierarchies and departments - Don’t wait for audits or inspections to improve - Pride of workmanship Keywords: safety, Hollnagel, Zero Harm, cynicism, accountability, Short-termism

Has anyone used steemit? Thoughts?
Looks like an mlm/pyramid scheme to me, but if it makes money i need money

Are there any drawbacks to using PayPal?
My wife and I have been using PayPal since its inception. I live in a rural part of Maine and most neighbors, in my immediate area, do not use PayPal and are averse to talking about it. Are there legitimate reasons why someone would not want to use it?

Economic and financial news, including cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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Aspiring to be(e) a safe, friendly and diverse place.

Be(e) nice.

  1. No tolerance for the intolerant.
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We’re a collective of individuals upset with the way social media has been traditionally governed. A severe lack of moderation has led to major platforms like Facebook to turn into political machinery focused on disinformation campaigns as a way to make profit off of users. Websites with ineffective moderation allow hate speech to proliferate and contribute to the erosion of minority rights and safe spaces. Our goal with Beehaw is to demonstrate and promote a healthier environment.

Operating our server costs money. If you donate, you should know that 100% of the costs will go towards server time, licensing costs, and artwork. In the future if we need to hire developers or other labor, it would be sourced through the Open Collective Foundation, and it would be transparent to the community before any changes were made.

As a news aggregator and a social media outlet, with a focus on being a safe and accepting space, we strive to create a positive social impact. We will, also, help to connect underprivileged and minority individuals with education and civic participation by promoting a healthier online experience.