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I created a mastodon instance for lefty gun owners
The instance is at I had been sitting on that domain for a while and since Mastodon is blowing up I decided to set up an instance using it. You can follow me at

Someone in my chapter made these. All proceeds go directly to our chapter in case anyone is interested.

Shooting range strategies?
I haven't done much shooting lately. My amount of free time has definitely decreased but the main issue is shooting range culture. It seems like the ranges with active range officers can be shitty and toxic but the ones without supervision are wildly unsafe. Any tips or suggestions? What it been like for everyone else at Midwest shooting ranges?

New rule about gun safety
The five rules of firearms safety: 1) Treat all firearms as if they are loaded 2) Never point a gun at anything you don't want to kill or destroy 3) Be aware of your target and what is around and behind it 4) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire 5) Elon Musk is a fragile white man who spent 44 billion dollars because he didn't like rude tweets

In regards to the recent Cato institute talk
Recent panel discussion from the Cato institute confirm the readiness of right-wing people to classify SRA and other leftist gun groups as militias and project onto them the activities of right-wing (fascist, supremacist) groups. They FAILED in their attempts to do so ( look up “Domestic Extremism and Political Violence: The Threat to Liberty” ) The SRA is not a militia, we want to make it clear, “we advocate for all aspects of self and community defense” ![]( ![](

Photo is of me

According to this Koch-founded, libertarian think tank, we’re dangerous
Definitely not right wing extremism that's the problem

Congress recently passed H.R.1808 in the House of Representatives, a bill which ostensibly seeks to address the United States’ mass shooting epidemic by banning semi-automatic firearms and magazines over 15 rounds. In refusing to address the root cause of mass shootings, liberal politicians are in fact enabling the demographic most likely to carry them out—right-wing extremists. Tragically, the “action” so many well-meaning liberals demand will only prevent endangered populations from access to self-defense while fortifying the far right’s monopoly on violence. How has firearms education empowered you and shaped your political journey?

Socialist Rifle Association
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