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No one wants nukes to fly, not the US, not China, not Russia. But the second we give the threat any influence to extend borders forcibly is when we’ve lost, and you can already see it in the hesitance to actually help Ukraine with boots on the ground.

And if Ukraine and NATO has proven anything, it’s that there has to be a real military and political deterrence to prevent conflicts.

The US visits enforce this deterrence, so of course China’s going to be displeased at the increased barrier for hostility. They then host military drills and achieve two things: get people blaming the US for their lunacy and getting to actually practice the hostility itself.

I think the recent US visits indicate that you could as well extend Taiwan’s forces to include the US ones. In the long run however it would of course be best to reduce the threat by acknowledging the immense risks involved in codependency with Chinese trade and start eliminating it ASAP. We’re feeding the problem ourselves.

I’m trying encourage thinking a little further than just immediately giving in to any demands, no matter how unreasonable. Giving in to such demands will only further instill the malign influence and anyone suggesting we just give in to it all to avoid conflict plays their part in dooming this planet in to aggressive authoritarian hellholes.

When I say “they’re just trading goods”, I’m saying they’re not the ones doing anything wrong here and blaming the US for a potential conflict is ridiculous.

100% agree. The original Reddit was a bit of a wild west, but Reddiquette itself is great as a founding document and as a basis for all conduct in all communities.

The claim for “mob manufacturing” seemed baseless, but the ban itself demonstrates said bias when a person with a barrage of hateful comments continues to get nothing. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt ban bias in lemmy.ml, but is definitely the most flagrant example of it.

I should mention that I’m only against comment voting. It makes sense for the content itself, but in discourse it only leads to fights of wits.

Sometimes I get downvotes without knowing why and no one is replying me what’s wrong with my words.

Further ruining the conversation when you can simply press a button to devalue someone’s opinion without contributing anything yourself.

And yes, they’re used as agree/disagree buttons and it cheapens the conversation.

The entire purpose for downvotes in Reddit was to allow people to weed out comments that do not add anything to the conversation, but people of course misused it as an “I disagree” button. All the downvotes contribute is further ruining the conversational culture here by turning them in to gladiator fights of egos. Lemmy is actually just worse than Reddit in this regard when its downvote feature doesn’t even have a stated purpose. Lack of downvotes alone is a good reason to support Beehaw.

Beehaw seems to make a fair bit of effort in providing communities for most common topics and providing content in a non-toxic and non-politically polarized environment. Would recommend alternatives in either of the two recommended instances.

It’s a fair point and I should be more careful with my phrasing. I hope it won’t detract from the other points I’ve made.

I think it’s about time the Russians start taking some responsibility for their leader’s actions. It’s been 6 months now. They’re welcome back in Europe once they stop killing fellow Europeans.

Big hater of the downvote button and a big fan of this decision.

As stated in the article, people leaving for humanitarian reasons are exempt from this.

More than any clear benefits, it’s bizarre that Russia has attacked Europe in essence, yet its citizen are travelling across Europe like nothing is happening. Finland is one of these hubs for such travel and it needs to stop until Russia stops its agression.

For the most part, yes. Before Feb 24th, hey had estimated that the forces amassed around Ukraine would not be enough to take over Ukraine and thus did not think Russia would actually attack. They ended up being correct about the former, though Russia has since scaled down their ambitions dramatically and have had more success as a result. These are Finnish military experts which have focused on Russia specifically for decades.

My understanding is that Russia’s decision to call this a “special military operation” limits the number of people they can drag in to the war. Calling it what it is and mobilizing people who have not signed up for the army would also risk unrest in the population when your average, non-Z-fanatic folk is dragged in to the battle.

Also, the expert opinions I’ve read have estimated that both sides will run out of people this year.

Ban editorialized headlines and random tweets and it’s an improvement already.