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What about using :) ;) ^^ -.- instead?

Or start with zero and don’t allow voting on one’s own posts at all. The whole idea of voting is getting the community’s opinion after all

Yes, and how exactly can Edge save you time and money?!

It would be daunting if Lemmy got a userbase as big as Reddit, with all the problems that come with it.

On a content level however, there should be enough ways to filter out the stuff you don’t wanna see… but even with the possibility to downvote, more moderation would be in order and a clear consensus of where Lemmy wants to position itself and to what degree less popular opinions should be tolerated. This is a thought process that has to be finished before this place gets flooded with an overwhelming wave of new users (which is rather unlikely anyway).

Only a matter of time until that would happen. Now imagine the outage had happened on the road

There’s a conflict with treating others how you want to be treated (idealist) and how you were actually treated (revenge), assuming you weren’t treated well.

Further, it can be considered just lucky enough if you have grandparents’ love to cancel out parents’ lack thereof. Or motherly love to cancel out father’s lack thereof. It has to cancel out in some way

tl;dr F.I.R.E. = Financial Independance, Retire Early.


You could build your own personal knowledge base with Trilium Notes, as seen here: https://lemmy.ml/post/85062

I would have posted this in !dankmemes

Absolutely agree, the main page is painting a really grim picture of the world. It’d be a cool idea if you could group sublemmies in different personal containers, like ‘entertainment’, ‘privacy’, ‘politics’ for example

This gives off some serious dystopian vibes. A corporation deciding what’s supposed to be sane? What will happen if someone doesn’t fall in that category? How accurate can it even be? I highly doubt that Apple is truly concerned about helping people, hopefully it’s nothing more than a marketing stunt.

If you can’t think of any really scary stuff, chances are that you repressed it. Likely for that reason, I can’t think of anything from the top of my head either. In general however, I think anything inexplicable/mysterious that happens can be considered scary, like stuff disappearing or someone lurking in the dark. Alternatively, the threat of dying, like falling into an ice-hole or getting lost in the woods.

provided you close your browser regularly

GNU nano can’t be not mentioned here, it’s command line only

Google and Microsoft don’t even call it “login”/“logout” anymore, but “add account”/" remove account", where the wording of “removing” sth. might sound like a negative thing to some

Is It Really Necessary To Logout of Web Sites?

Remember when there was no conventional logout option on Amazon? You’ve probably also noticed that Google and Microsoft sites try to keep you logged in, and services like Discord hide the logout somewhere hard to find…

been using Greasemonkey since using browser add-ons

Fediventure - The Federated Work Adventure for *Spaces

We’re a group of people who are interested in extending the Work Adventure and the rC3 World experience as a fully federated network of Worlds from (hacker)spaces all around the world. …

Users getting banned?

I’m appalled to see that a user got the tag “BANNED” next to their name despite contributing high quality posts + comments. So what’s going on here? Just curious…