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cross-posted from: https://sopuli.xyz/post/18425 > A foss jam for federated people. Friday evening (Oct 08 18:00 UTC)- Sunday midnight (UTC). > (A kind of experimental thing i am trying to do with Fedi, comment your feedback!)

it is So Fucking Slow. i can’t use it for more than 10 minutes without it slowing down to the point of unusability

Ah, I see your point now. I still think it’d sell the wrong idea since it just causes centralization, which is a problem that platforms already deal with, but now I see its potential usefulness as well

But this isn’t the case with “usual” social media stuff either, why should it be the case with the fediverse?

Also just like, they are decentralized. You can’t tell dozens upon dozens of different people to “hey, make ur instance’s design follow these arbitrary rules thanks”

Hi! I don't know if self-advertisement is ok in this community, please tell me if it isn't and I'll delete this post. This is a game I've been working on for the last week and I'm not fully certain it'll go anywhere, but it has a small community already, so I figured its worth showing it here Moloch is a very hard platforming roguelike where health is not health points, and instead, it consists of several conditions that are somewhat simulated and that can result either in a softlock or a death. Yes, being soft locked due to being hurt is part of the experience. It borders the line that separates rage games from the rest. My idea for the project is to make it be frustrating because of how easy it is to die, and not because of how hard it is to use the controls. I tried my best to make the controls as responsive and smooth as I could, so that the game feels good to get good at. It is inspired by Noita and Rain World, the former being the one that inspired the roguelike elements and the wands, and the latter being the one that inspired the way I'm handling the difficulty and health. *In any system optimizing for X, the opportunity arises to throw any other value under the bus for optimized X*

Same case as Fakefunk, I have my own fictional world set in the year 2500. I don’t really care about how the world is doing, but there’s this small, human-made island operated by sentient machines that is what i call a “utopia in the works”. They’re trying to make a utopia, but they’re not quite there yet. One thing I do know about this world is that “zero world countries” are now a thing, that is, countries that reach post-scarcity. The island this worldbuilding is focused on is one of those.

My friends have called them the intersection of transhumanism and buddhism, and solarpunk with a cyberpunk aesthetic

I clicked on this with a “this really shouldn’t use that word” mindset, and was very pleasantly surprised

I'm experimenting with Godot shaders. This runs pretty smoothly even on my shitty computer that can't even run Minecraft. What do you think?

Besides being fully finished (it’s not even on version 1.0 yet)? I’d say topic variety. Currently most of lemmy’s content is very techy stuff, which is enough for people like me who are into that, but reddit has active communities for a lot of interests. Lemmy stuff is like, privacy this, linux that, tor this, development that, while reddit is more like, privacy this, conlang that, drawings this, water that, politics that other thing, etc

I think this is the kinda stuff that will come over time as people start using Lemmy, tho. Art nerds, water nerds, bird nerds, etc will come around and create communities for their interests, and people who are interested in those things will come to share their interests too