What would you like to see here?
So I have been away for a while but I came back and see there are new subs. Would love to upload more and make it more geared towards what people would like to hear about the city. Do you want politics? Economics? General news? Let me know any thoughts you have so I can try to find content more suited to what you'd like to see.

Amazing place up in Wicker Park, operates more like a cafe than a dispensary and has the coolest workers! Prices aren't terrible either and all include taxes plus they hand out crazy amounts of free samples so if you go in for a 100mg slushie you can guarantee you'll likely end up with an extra 5-10mg!

Where do Chicago’s bats hang out? WBEZ’s Curious City interactive bat tour
Very interesting info as well as a nicely done, interactive infographic!

Chicago New Years: Things to Do and Where to Celebrate
If anyone decides to do one of these, let us know which one sounds good!

Love the stuff this place does for families.

The decades long project leans on federal money, but also an “equity TIF” that pools tax money from around Downtown to expand the Red Line south.

Really love seeing things like this come along as we prep for different energy needs. Don't like that it is extra money not originally granted for the project, but fingers crossed they will utilize these funds in an effective way.

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