Pawoo is a mastodon server run by the same company that owns pixiv. They’re using the default mastodon description but have also deliberately added tracking because they’re a company that doesn’t care about privacy.

I dont really know what point this post is trying to make. There are other mastodon servers you can join that wont track your activity.

Or, you know, someone using a generic template missed a link.

But hey, it’s probably a conspiracy. Because it’s always a conspiracy.

If you are advertising yourself as a privacy respecting website, you can’t “forget” to disable tracking. It says a lot about your competence and credibility if you do.

Incompetence is not the same as malevolence. That’s my point.

Yes, it highlights a serious credibility gap. Just … it’s not a conspiracy, likely. It’s mere stupidity.

They could use Plausible Analytics instead.

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