I’m sure I’ll want to upgrade some of my clubs as they aren’t in the best shape, and I don’t have a pitching wedge, but excited to see how things go. I bought a new bag (Calloway Fairway 14), and some soft balls already.

Any advice to make me not look completely clueless or gear tips would be appreciated!

  • Nevermore9197@lemmy.world
    11 months ago

    First off, don’t replace your clubs yet. You might think about regripping them, if needed. Whatever your problems are, they aren’t due to any of your gear.get on Facebook market place or eBay and fill your clubs in with used clubs. Goodwill and flea markets are also good options. Go to your lessons and practice the drills and play some games with friends.

    Golf can be very expensive. Don’t spend money now on clubs that you will just be slamming into the ground anyway, and they won’t suit you once you get better any way.

    Don’t get frustrated, literally almost every golfer sucks really bad. Like 0.5% of all golfers don’t suck, and they still suck sometimes. This game is brutally difficult, enjoy your surroundings and your friends. Try to have fun.