Manjaro Linux / OpenRGB 0.9 / Asus Maximus X Hero Motherboard

I’ve got a Corsair Lighting Node Pro with 5 ML120 fans attached. Since moving to Linux a couple years ago and attempting to run OpenRGB, the controller seems to be bricked. I’ve swapped controllers and had the same experience, tried different USB ports, SATA power connections, etc. I’ve also tried all of the hard reset / firmware update guidance out there for these, but it never does anything other than hang OpenRGB on detection. In Windows, the controller isn’t detected at all by either OpenRGB or iCue.

Edit: worth mentioning, I also tried a Corsair Commander XT controller this week - the fans lit, but OpenRGB (package and AppImage versions) did not detect it at all.

I’d like to get a RGB or aRGB fan solution that works well with OpenRGB in Linux - ideally just a replacement controller that plays nice with five 4-pin RGB Corsair fans, but I’ll swap the fans out as well if need be.

Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!