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  • AngryMob@lemmy.onetoxkcd@lemmy.worldxkcd #2932: Driving PSA
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    Right, but its not your responsibility to slow down at all. Its kind of you to do so when the merging vehicle picks up on your intention, but when they don’t, it makes a miscommunication like you describe.

    Basically, i’d just describe it as being predictable. And bending the rules (even to be kind) is not predictable, usually.

  • 35% of players don’t pirate every game… Thats absurd. If you’re referring to the pc gamer survey from like 10 years ago, there was way more nuance to it than that. Go read more than the headline please.

    But even so, its not up to the consumers to bend over and be “pleasable”. Devs should treat the platform well, instead they shit out bad ports, they dont bother with basic options, they require more layers of launchers and stores, drm, kernal anti cheat, etc etc etc.

    The pc market is huge, even excluding people who haven’t upgraded in 10 years. Its plenty attractive

  • can doesn’t mean should.

    720p to 4k using dlss is okay, but you start to see visual tradeoffs strictly for the extra performance

    to me it really shines at 1080p to 4k where it is basically indistinguishable from native for a still large performance increase.

    or even 1440p to 4k where it actually looks better than native with just a moderate performance increase.

    For 8k that same setup holds true. go for better than native or match native visuals. There is no real need to go below native just to get more performance. At that point the hardware is mismatched

  • You must not notice aliasing and shimmering then? Most find it very distracting to see everything flickering and shimmering and stair step with the slightest motion.

    And ray tracing really depends on the game, implementation, and hardware. Ray traced global illumination alone fixes the classic video game look that stems from rasterized lighting errors (light leaking, default ambient light, etc). It is the future for high quality games even not photo-realistic ones. Its expense is offset by both reconstruction and improved hardware. You wont be able to avoid it forever even if you want to.