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  • Oh gotcha, it is unfortunate non-mods/non-admins are not able to see in the mod logs for who is doing what on LW. If you were able to though, you would see Enu and myself are very active, even though we are not commenting or posting. Same for report resolutions, we get a good amount of reports (false and positive) that we have to weed through throughout the day, those are not publicly viewable (and shouldn’t be).

    But that is what I did not get, in the mod logs you can see the community is being actively moderated even though you can’t see who is doing what.


    enu is the only inactive mod I found.

    Also, I’d like to apologize for misreading the above. Initially I thought this said “is the only active mod”. Enu has multiple accounts, which would make sense on why you’d think they’re inactive