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I’m from Germany, and quite a lot of people are in an intense state of delusion. They still think this is all fine. However, there are also rising protests, but it’s hard to judge the numbers when the German media landscape has troubles with portraying reality in a neutral way.

It’s not really a lack of investment. We just have no idea where all the money went. I mean, we do, but we’re afraid to say it out loud.

I don’t really understand how Russia and the Russian Federation works, but I picked up that not all regions have the same laws. Is St Petersburg in a region where such laws are different?

Which state are you referring to? One of the eastern states? Or one of the western states? They’re both awful in a lot of ways. The question is: Should any of these fascist states win? Or should the human being win and get rid of fake democracies led by people high on the anti-social disorder scale?

The 90ies and 00s. If you ask me, gaming is on a decline since 10 years.

The overall quality is going down. One of the worst examples would be the remake of Warcraft 3. Imagine a team of bigger size, having tool with way more functionality and having more time than the original devs. But they don’t have to make a game from scratch, they only have to literally “copy” (remake) everything that is already there. They just have to replicate it. And they still ended up with a worse game with less features. Just one example, of course, but for me, this shows that in the AAA and AA business, there’s a lot of management bullshit going on, and the people who work there have no heart for the thing they’re doing. It’s just a job - and the result is catastrophal “development efficiency” and dwindling creativity.

Also, gaming is now mainstream, and many games try to change themselves so that everyone likes them. Some game mechanic is popular? It gest crammed into every game, even when it doesn’t fit - decided by people who are not gamers.

I’m sorry, but you’re disagreeing for the sake of it. I’m not sure why, but with what you’re saying - you’re essentially making my point more detailed and useful. Again - I’m not disagreeing with you, yet talking with you sounds like some kind of struggle against each other.

I’m not sure if I remember right, but I think we already had a similar situation. Maybe you should consider what I said about disagreeing for the sake of it. My younger self sometimes was like that, and I hate myself in retrospect for that. I’m also forgiving myself - now that I can be easier torwards myself and others.

Maybe I’m wrong about that, though. Might be. Peace.

You’re talking about people wanting to be productive and to have meaning in their lives.

That’s not the kind of people I’m addressing here. Most people hate their job - but don’t stop doing it.

It just means you have a much greater freedom to choose what type of work you will do.

That’s not how it is in Germany. Most people hate their job, and a fair share of people even think their work is generally useless, and they wouldn’t do it “if they wouldn’t have to” - which they don’t, but as I said, they still continue to do it.

If that sounds illogical, that’s correct - that is the point I’m making.

I very much agree that doing what you love makes you happy. That’s something that is always true.

This seems to be some kind of miscommunication. As I said, I understand what you’re saying. I’m adding to what you’re saying. I’m not disagreeing with you.

Money also means that you’re free from want and never have to worry about meeting your needs.

That, however, is something that I do disagree with. If we’re talking about basic needs, nobody in Germany would work. The welfare is waaay better than people in Germany make it. Germany is fucking rich. The life as a welfare person is quite good in comparison to the rest of the planet. Most people on this planet would very much LOVE to have as much as people on welfare in Germany have.

But the reality is that most people want to work. So if we’re talking about basic needs, that doesn’t seem to play a role - at least in Germany, because Germany is incredibly rich, and in comparison, welfare people of course have “less”.

That’s the point: Enough is not enough when other people have more. Which tells us a lot about the perception of being happy.

I did of course understand what you are saying. What I said is still valid. For what you say to work, you have to be in the position to use your free time to be happy. For some people, this works out. Other people are still unhappy because they need more money to buy the things that they think will make them happy.

If free time would be the only thing, nobody in Germany would work - welfare covers everything you need for a decent life. But, here we are: People are working hard to be more happy - well, they’re trying, but it mostly doesn’t work out.

I know a person who wakes up crying because she is so poor. She has a lot of time, because she pays people to do her stuff: They have a person doing the garden, a person doing kitchen and housework stuff, and she has a personal assistant for her work. She is is a freelancer that works as a consultant for lawsuits. Apparently, this is very well paid, because - at most - she does 10 hours per week, and still earns enough money so that they bought a second Italian stainless steel coffee machine for their second floor in their house. You know, an actual coffee shop machine, cost 2k.

And yet, she is crying at night for being so poor. This is not a joke, and not a bullshit story. Even money and free time still doesn’t lead to happiness.

It’s really weird, but that’s how it is.

You can still be extremely unhappy if you think that you don’t have enough money to do the things you think you want to do. That’s the point of such studies. But this particular study is flawed - there’s no control group, and the participants know what is studied, and the participants give literally only self-report. There’s not much to gain from this. Honestly sounds like money laundering.

Eh… I don’t hate him. But Valve could do a lot more right with the ridiculous amounts of money they receive from gamers. The Steam client is more and more a mess. It’s a ressource hog and runs badly more and more. The video streaming is broken most of the time.

Is it better than the Epic store? Of course. But… yeah. That’s not really a good measure.

Valve is doing a lot of good things, for example with their Linux support, or the way they handle refunds. But then again, they were forced by the market and laws to do these things. I’m not sure if both would exist without the moves of Microsoft or European laws.

Still, the dude seems nice and friendly, and kinda down to earth. I like that.

One could consider to stop drinking coffee. Coffee itself has a rather large environmental impact as it is. Or drink it without milk-like substances.

This isn’t supposed to prove anything else than the fact that there are people in the US and NATO who are profiting from such a war. Apparently, you agree on that, because you say that Russia can be baited easily.

What kind of effort do you mean with “little effort”? Do you have something particularly in mind when saying that, or do you mean that you have a general feeling that Russia is easily baited by the NATO into a war?

Wow, I just took a look at a satelite map of that part of Vancouver. Holy hell… this is absolutely awful. Just houses and roads, almost no green, except for some trees that are captured in asphalt.

This is indeed awful. I thought these are houses with gardens around them. :(

Most people on Lemmy seem to think that this is just fine, because you can vote however you want, and as soon as you think that people should vote after a certain system or idea, you’re for some reason a Nazi.

If you mean the non-straight streets in the blocks: That’s how every road in Europe is made. This is not better for cars, this is better and nicer for humans. Cars are forced to drive slower that way.