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  • The biggest consumer of storage on this instance is related to the image hosting which we use an external object storage provider for. The second is the database which is no were near the 2TB capacity. 1TB SSDs are cheaper than 2TB SSDs and I also didn’t want to spend more than I needed. As other mentioned if we need more space or IOPs in the future, I could accomplish this by adding more drives as a quick fix. This server does not support NVME unless I leverage its PCIe ports but I don’t plan on doing that. By the time this instance gets to the point where 10 SSD drives just isn’t cutting it anymore I’ll probably have come across another opportunities on getting a new server with better NVME support.

  • @InEnduringGrowStrong@sh.itjust.works in the perfect world community admins should be moderating their communities and the site admins should only be called upon when there is community abuse or when community mods are not doing any moderation.

    As @antik@lemmy.world mentioned below @MichelleG@sh.itjust.works is an alt account for same person on lemmy.world ans she has provided tons of help to this instance.

    You are right about one thing, I am currently stretched really thin. If made a list of all my responsibilities I think it would shock a lot of you. That being said the amount of time it takes to run a community is astonishing and running a community well requires a lot more time than I have left to give. There is still a lot of work needed to be spent on this site.

    The admins of this site help a huge amount as is mostly due to them that we are still running but I don’t want to dump more onto their plates.

    I could use a lot more help in all areas (system administration, community moderation, legal revision, moving to accepting donations).

    If anyone is interested in helping reach out on Matrix.

  • Hey all,

    I will be locking this voting thread as they do not conform to the Agora guidelines.

    • Voting threads should run from Friday to Friday
    • Voting threads should be started by a member of The Agora moderation team and must reference the discussion thread.

    In addition, it appears that hexbear has reversed their decision and has removed us from their allowed list.

    As Lemmy looks to add the ability for users to decide which instances they want to blocked on a per user basis, I hope these types of defederation conversations discussion become less common.

    I’d like to give a thanks to the admin at hexbear carc0sa who reached out to us in the last week in order to coordinate some mutual moderation between instances.

    Lastly over the last week I’ve read a lot of back and forth between instances and want to leave you with this.

    As people we all have the right to our own opinions and beliefs. Sometimes from time to time we might come across someone who doesn’t share these same opinions or beliefs. Instead of using these differences as reasons to divide us, I hope we as people can get to a point where we can use it to make us more understanding, knowledgeable, accepting and united.

    As things such as Natural Disasters continue to rise globally there might be a day where the person who you disagree with is the same person who is helping you or a loved one. It won’t matter if they are a leftist, rightist, white, black, LGBTQ. What will matter is whether they are a decent human being who understands that while opinions make differences they can choose to not be divide by it.

  • Hey,

    I did some research on this.

    I will not share the list of accounts as I feel its everyone right to vote and to have their own opinions whether they align with yours or not.

    I will however say, Its mostly the same accounts that are down voting you. The majority of the accounts are over 2 months old with content generated by them (they do not seem like bot account). There are a few that are just 10 days old. 99% of the down votes are from other instances with feddit.uk and feddit.nl being the primary source of them.

  • Hey all, I’m always excited to upgrade to the latest versions that become available. Unless the upgrade is related to security I will tend to wait a few days to give other instances a chance to share their experiences. Before upgrading I usually go over the issues that have been submitted to help understand the risks and solutions to mitigate them.

    That being said the new version does bring in a whole bunch of performance gains (mostly related to the database) that i’m looking forward to.

    Lemmy.world is due to upgrade later today and I plan on upgrading shortly after them (either Monday or Tuesday).

    I will put up a notification up prior to the upgrade.